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The benefits and harms of Onion peel


Every housewife when cooking uses onions. This vegetable is famous for its benefits but few people know that onion peel has a decent composition. It as well as the bow, it is recommended to use for normalization of all internal systems. In the usual onion peel contains a storehouse of useful and indispensable for the human body vitamins and minerals. It is proved that in the husk use several times more than in Luke. The husk is actively used for stroke prevention, it is used to treat weakened hair, the doctors prescribed a decoction of onion peel with the weakness of blood vessels. Unusual and unique onion peel, the benefits and harms of the character can be provided to the human body?

The useful qualities of the Unique properties of onion peel concluded that when boiling the product in plain water, it transfers all its useful qualities of the liquid. For this reason, the water also becomes a storehouse of nutrients. The real folk medicine recommends the use of onion scraps in its raw form, it is necessary to cook healthy medicinal teas or infusions. To make a useful decoction, you need clean water to boil the required amount of cleaning from the bow. If preparing an infusion, the herb oregano infused for some time with alcohol. Perhaps the use of external product when onion peel is prepared salve or medicinal oil. Said means effective for the treatment of various skin diseases such as boils, burns and ulcers.




Onion peel in folk medicine is actively used to eliminate the following diseases: prevention and treatment of heart and vascular diseases; strengthening health immune force; the cure and prevention of viral, infectious, and respiratory diseases; external treatment of skin diseases — rashes, abscesses, abrasions; the elimination of diseases of the oral cavity with a rinse (stomatitis, gingivitis). Since ancient times, onion peel use in the following diseases: common cold; sore throat; diseases of the scalp and hair; pathology of the oral cavity; Allergy; impaired immunity; open festering wounds; gastrointestinal disease; heart disease. A decoction of onion peel need to take the course method. With appropriate treatment folk remedy is rapidly absorbed into the blood, thereby exerting a tonic property on the body. A decoction of onion peel is often used in complex treatment of seriously ill people, as it has a toning and rejuvenating effect.

Contraindications and harm from Cleaning onions subject to long-term storage, they can be used as a General tonic and remedies, but it is important to know that treatment onion skin contraindications can also cause. When used in the treatment of diseases of onion peel, contraindications for its use are as follows: various gastrointestinal diseases in the acute stage; individual intolerance to onions; increased blood coagulation; allergic reaction to product components. Of particular risk is the use of onion peel is the use of useful product for people prone to elevated blood clotting. The fact is that peel the onion contains the compound quercetin, which induces the thickening of the blood. The use of onion peel to people with increased blood clotting can cause unpleasant consequences.