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The benefits and harms of Cod liver


In cooking cod liver refers to a delicious product. From delicious canned can make salads and other cold dishes. Virtues have enough product, it not only can greatly vary the diet of any person, but also provide the body a mass of useful qualities. In ancient times, cod liver oil was also appreciated, and people have used the product, not only as an ingredient for ready meals, but also as a cure for various diseases. In modern years, the major cod liver quality is not weakened, so the same product is used in cooking and as a folk remedy for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. But when used cod liver oil, the benefits and harms of this canned food depends on the preparation method.


Use of cod liver useful chemical composition of the product is unique, it is thanks to him cod liver oil is endowed with a number of useful features: a beneficial effect on visual function. Regular use of the product may be additional prevention and treatment of diseases such as night blindness. The product effectively increases the sharpness of daylight and twilight vision. Fatty acid composition of cod liver excellent job with many skin defects, such as the regular use of the product saturates the skin with moisture, giving it a shiny and healthy appearance. It is proved that cod liver oil is an excellent preventive product against cancer. Moreover, cancer patients prescribed to eat cod liver oil, as a meal contributes to the enhancement and restoration of power during the course of a serious illness. Useful components of the product are beneficial to the efficiency of the circulatory and cardiovascular systems. Due to insufficient amount of vitamin C in canned, cod liver oil is a unique product for strengthening the immune forces of the body. Due to the bactericidal properties of the finished dishes, cod liver oil effectively fights to attack viruses and bacteria. Useful mineral components and vitamin D have a positive influence on the state of the bone system. For younger children the product is used as a means of prevention and natural treatment of rickets. Elderly cod liver shows how a product that promotes the mobility of joints and muscles. Use of vitamin D and proven in the treatment of diseases of the endocrine system.




The same composition useful canned has a rejuvenating effect on the whole body. Regular use of the product helps to smooth out small wrinkles on the skin, contribute to the normalization of all internal systems of the body after administration of hormonal preparations. Cod liver oil helps to eliminate some of the reproductive system disorders in both sexes. In particular, the special contribution the product makes to the human reproductive system. For people whose lives or professional activity is connected with the performance of heavy physical work, it is recommended to include in the diet of cod liver oil as a stabilizing plate physical and mental health. Very helpful cod liver nursing mother and pregnant woman. The use of the product helps to provide the body with all mineral composition and nutrients, as well as help the body handle certain loads, dropped out on its share.


Product Damage As a rule, specific complaints to the use canned there, but the damage to cod liver person may be submitted in the following cases: if there is an allergic reaction to the use of marine products; in the presence of stones in the bladder, as well as in certain diseases of the genitourinary system consumed large portions of food can adversely affect the course of the disease; Pregnancy often eat much cod liver prohibited, as this may make certain adjustments to the natural development of the fetus; hypertension product is contraindicated, since the chemical component it is aimed at a reduction in blood pressure; in hyperthyroidism regales cod liver is strictly prohibited.