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The benefits and harms of Adygei cheese


Adygei cheese belongs to the Caucasian cuisine. As a rule, Caucasians tend to ensuring that their national dishes most spicy and sharp, but Adygei cheese is different delicate and soft texture. Due to its unique taste and aroma of such kind of cheese it has become popular among different peoples. Benefits and harms of Adygei cheese has fully understood, it is proved that the product has nutritional and medicinal qualities that have a positive effect on the whole body.


Good quality Despite the fact that the manufacture of Adygei cheese using only three basic natural ingredients - milk, yeast and salt - the product has a unique mineral composition and fortified. Among vitamins clear leaders on the content are such vitamins as C, PP, A, E, D. The rich mineral composition and Adygei cheese calcium, zinc, iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium, copper, sodium. When preparing Adygei cheese, the fat content of it depends on the percentage of fat content of milk used. But in any case, and proteins, and dairy fats this product easily absorbed by the body. Thanks to this quality of Adygei cheese refers to dietary products. Calorie Adygei cheese 100 grams. is equal to 250 calories. What is enclosed product use? Due to the content of beneficial bacteria, regular consumption of Adygei cheese can normalize the digestive system.




The product is excellent and normalizes intestinal microflora, imposing internal organ useful components and destroying all harmful bacteria. A large content of calcium in the product helps to improve the internal and external condition of nails, hair and skin. Besides, this mineral has beneficial effects on human bone system. Adygei cheese is recommended in the diet of people who suffer from insufficient development of the skeletal system or when recovering from fractures. Showed for receiving product in the diet of pregnant women, young children, athletes and the elderly. Useful chemical composition of the product has nutritional value for the whole organism. Slice of Adygei cheese before going to bed helps to normalize the functioning of the nervous system, causing the person becomes quiet and does not suffer from insomnia. People suffering from elevated normal blood pressure is shown on a daily basis to include in the diet of a useful product. Adygei cheese helps to normalize blood pressure, reducing its level. Actively used Adygei cheese diet. People who suffer from obesity should be included in the menu of this product, as it helps to normalize digestive processes, has beneficial effects on metabolism work, helps the body in a natural way to get rid of harmful substances and slagging of the body. In addition, saturating the body slimming Human helpful fortified and mineral composition, the product does not allow the appearance of beriberi.


Damage When used in the human diet Adygei cheese, benefits and harms of the product depends on the individual. The product is not able to have a negative impact on the human body, if the latter does not suffer from individual intolerance to milk protein. In all other cases, the Adygei cheese is completely harmless and has no obvious contraindications.