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The benefits and harms of Tuna


Offshore tuna - fish is delicious and very useful, if you choose correctly. Recipes cooking tuna, there are many. Fish has a beautiful red flesh and a distinctive taste and smell of marshy her completely absent. Some gourmets in Europe is even called the fish "sea chicken" for a gentle and pleasant taste. The composition of fish includes more than 25% protein, and this makes it one of the most valuable of its kind.


Medicinal and useful properties Tuna fish is properly selected to help maintain health, give the body many important substances and enzymes, as well as protect against the development of various diseases with regular use. The most useful properties of tuna: It protects the human body against the development of heart and vascular pathologies. The composition of fish includes a lot of useful fatty acids, which are beneficial effect on the entire cardiovascular system, contribute to the breakdown of harmful cholesterol and normalize blood flow. Useful fish for brain activity, so the people of intellectual labor must eat tuna at least 1 time in 2 weeks. Benefits and harms of tuna in the presence of various allergies in the medical cause controversial opinions, but it is believed that the fish helps get rid of dermatitis and other allergic skin rashes. As part of the fish does not carbohydrates, if it is prepared without oil. This makes such a plate-based meat useful for people with diabetes of any type.




Another important feature of meat - prevention of cancer. Included in the enzymes inhibit the activity of free radicals, which activate the growth of tumors. Affects fish and emotional state, therefore, recommended for use with depressed mood, neurotic disorders and various forms of depression. Tuna helps fight toxins in the liver, removes them and normalizes the production of beneficial enzymes in the body. The active substances in the molecular composition of the fish perfectly affect the beauty of hair, skin and nails. It helps to cope with the product and with high blood pressure and protects the bones of older people for osteoporosis and other bone diseases. The product includes a large number of vitamin A, which helps to inhibit the aging process and strengthens the immune system, as well as vitamin B1, normalizing metabolism. With this structure tuna is considered a valuable product in the process of losing weight. It normalizes the meat and the state of reproductive system of men and women. Part of the protein is also useful during a diet, is a part of the menu of athletes of different directions


Could be from tuna harm? Any marine fish is fraught with some danger. Tuna, benefits and harms which in most cases are not comparable, however, can cause harm. It should guard against eating meat is too large individuals, as they can build up a long life for heavy metals - mercury and certain other hazardous substances. Important! The greatest harm can cause canned foods if they are handled in the wrong way, but on their choice below! You can not eat tuna for pregnant and nursing, as well as young children. In the presence of allergy to any of tuna fish to be administered in small portions menu - 20-30 g, followed by reaction of the organism to observe. When selecting fresh tuna should pay attention to the meat. If it has dark spots on such products should be abandoned. Fresh meat is rapidly losing its properties, so it is best to choose a product, "dressed" in a vacuum package.