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The benefits and harms of Champignon


Mushrooms - one of the most common fungi in the world. From them prepare various dishes, and used fresh, pickled, dried or salted. These mushrooms grow abundantly in fields, gardens, pastures or meadows after the rains. In addition, you can grow them yourself using poultry manure and fermented horse manure. Yields range from 100 to 150 kg per 1 sq.m. substrate.


The beneficial properties of mushrooms Dishes cooked with mushrooms, very helpful and even recommended for constant use for people suffering from atherosclerosis, diabetes and varying degrees of anemia. Important: champignons benefits and harms which in certain cases can be completely the same, must be boiled before drinking, as they are able to absorb the harmful components of the environment. Also, it is worth noting that these fungi are capable of lowering blood levels of harmful cholesterol, so they should add to your diet to those who have cardiovascular diseases or atherosclerotic plaques. Regular consumption of mushrooms has a beneficial effect on the work of a number of internal organs, including the pancreas, digestive tract, kidneys, and others. Equally useful are these fungi in the presence of a nervous system problems.





The presence of mushrooms in B vitamins helps get rid of stress, insomnia and nervous excitement. Note: all mushrooms benefit and harm of which, as well as their medicinal properties are specific to each body, so in the use of these fungi need to listen to yourself, if the state of health is satisfactory - it means all is well, otherwise - it is better to remove their own diet. This all must know when to stop, that is, too many mushrooms in all the dishes every day - is harmful, as it can provoke the development of pancreatitis and other gastrointestinal diseases. These unique mushrooms make it possible not to use traditional medicine to combat various ailments as themselves are healing - a natural antioxidant that cleanses the body of harmful and unwanted substances.


The mushrooms can harm? Of course, you must bear in mind that mushrooms can harm the body, with it seriously enough. The fact that they contain a large quantity of chitin - indigestible component, especially in children. Moreover, chitin adversely affects the assimilation of other essential nutrients to the organism, present in these fungi. It is also worth remembering that, as mentioned earlier, champignons benefits and harms of which depends on the current environment, where they grow, are able to absorb harmful substances, so it is impossible to collect them next to the dumps, swamps, and other non-similar places.