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The benefits and harms of cinnamon


Familiar to all fragrant cinnamon in powder form is the result of processing of bark or small branches of a small tree, growing on the island of Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, Brazil. This seasoning gives a special flavor and taste of the dishes. Many people ask - what exactly gives cinnamon, benefit and harm from her man. Properties of herbs have been studied by the ancient medicine.

Positive effects on health when used this seasoning in the body appear the following positive developments: the blood vessels are exempted from clots, cholesterol decreased, reduced content of blood glucose, which is useful in diabetes, stomach, bowel restore full activity of the organism out unnecessary salt, cleanses the liver and bile-expelling system that improves response and activates brain activity, improves the quality of vision, acute sense of smell.




Contained in cinnamon fiber and calcium rids the body of bile salts, which deteriorate the condition of the large intestine. Simultaneously excretion of bile cholesterol comes destruction, thereby preventing atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke. Brown aldehyde prevents "gluing" of platelets, which makes cinnamon an effective anticoagulant. Choline - is a powerful antidepressant, this explains the calming effect of cinnamon. The exceptional quality of essential oil, which is produced by squeezing the leaves of the cinnamon (tree). It has strong antibacterial and antiparasitic properties, killing bacteria, fungi (including yeast triggers).

It is impossible to abuse not only benefits and harms of cinnamon should know. He is an overdose of spices. Cinnamon benefits only a limited use. If you do not comply with the rules and to apply it in large doses, it threatens: a decrease in blood pressure, a decrease in platelet count (risk of bleeding), allergic reactions, general prostration, severe headache, depression state.