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The benefits and harms of Soy sauce


Soy sauce is one of the popular products of the cuisine of Asian countries. The sauce is prepared directly from soybeans that are fermented under the action of specific fungi "Aspergillus". To date, the sale everywhere you can find this sauce. He was surprisingly very quickly fit into our diet and its appearance on the table of the ordinary Russian family — is not uncommon, owing to the cheapness of the product and its specific taste. The sauce looks very dark liquid, the consistency is thicker than water, and has a characteristic odour of soya. The taste of soy sauce is quite salty, they often flavor dishes instead of salt. What are the properties contains soy sauce, the benefits and harms of this product, what is the nutritional value of soy sauce on all these questions we answered in our article. Useful properties of soy sauce.

1. Natural antioxidants — one of the main useful qualities of soy sauce. Due to this advantage in the use of soy sauce our body prophylactically protected from free radicals. Free radicals accelerate the aging process, cause various diseases, exacerbated with chronic illness, and in General constantly attacking the cells of our body. Antioxidants neutralize their effect. So if you are interested in the benefits and harms of soy sauce, keep in mind this item, because not every product has such protective functions.

2. Is essential amino acids contained in soy sauce. They are not synthesised by the body therefore must be ingested from outside, along with food. Amino acids are essential, without them it is impossible to build muscle tissue. They are still called "atoms of the universe." Soy sauce is rich in amino acids, and this is another reason to include it in your diet. 3.

The contents in soy sauce vitamins, mainly vitamin C helps the body fight various infections, supports immune system, involved in reactions of metabolism, etc.




4. Soy sauce contains very few calories — 70 calories/100 g of product. This allows you to use it in food to people who have a tendency to be overweight, suffering from diabetes, patients with obesity. Soy sauce speeds up metabolism that helps the body to burn calories from the existing fat reserves in the body, so this product is perfect for those who want to lose weight.

5. Glutamic acid, part of the soy sauce, it has the ability to emphasize and reinforce the taste of food. So if you want your chicken or duck especially failed, dream and surprise guests at the holiday feast, be sure prokaryote meat in a small amount of soy sauce. Then your dish will satisfy even the most spoiled gourmets.

Harm soy sauce. Due to the high content of sodium chloride in the daily use of soy sauce in the body can occur salt deposits. Do not abuse this product. When poor-quality preparation of soy sauce in it carcinogens are formed that increase the risk of cancer formation. Avoid overtly cheap product, to avoid the risk of buying a fake. If you have stomach problems, chronic or acute gastrointestinal disease, should avoid eating soy sauce.