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The benefits and harms of Lecithin


In modern life, people every day attacked by the aggressive environment. Poor environmental conditions, pollution, solar radiation and more makes us think about protecting their health. A frantic pace of life and completely ruining our bodies lack of sleep, snacks "on the run". Therefore, the sale of pharmacy chains are very popular variety of vitamin complexes, multi-vitamins and dietary supplements that help replenish the stock of materials for the maintenance of health. One such biological additives is lecithin. This material can be purchased in capsules for the daily administration and is designed for a full month's rate of application. What is lecithin? Lecithin in the scientific concept - a substance related to choline, the amino alcohol esters and acids diglitseridfosfornyh. It tends to break down in the body. In this process, the cleavage formed a host of new products - higher fatty acids, choline (necessary for the liver), and even glycerophosphoric acid. Read more about what is lecithin, benefit and harm of this chemical, and what foods contain the highest amount of lecithin, we will explain later in this article. Useful properties of lecithin. 1. Lecithin is needed to complete the work of the nervous system of our body. It is so important for nerve cell substance, that it should fall on a daily basis in the human body for normal functioning of the body.

The daily dose is quite small - only 5 grams lecithin is one capsule or, for example, only two cooked egg yolks. When good nutrition is not necessary to resort to supplements to make up lecithin, enough quantity, which comes with food. But you should know that the lack of lecithin leads to the fact that they can develop a variety of nerve diseases, even dementia, multiple sclerosis and even Parkinson's disease. 2. liver lecithin substance plays an important role, because it is one of the basic materials of the body. 50% of human liver as time consists of lecithin - is impressive, huh? Lecithin addition to the basic functions of protecting the liver spends more preventive work, and helps to deal with phenomena such as intoxication after drinking, toxic liver disease, autoimmune cirrhosis. If you want to help your body cope with the excretion of large amounts of alcohol, drink a couple of lecithin capsules at the height of the evening, and your liver will definitely be easier to cope with the load of alcohol.




3. Since lecithin is one of the most powerful antioxidants, it helps the body to cope with free radicals, slows the aging process, protects against negative external environmental influences. With sufficient use of lecithin fresh skin has a healthy appearance, hair is also filled with strength and vitality, not brittle nails, without white spots that signal a lack of vitamins. 4. One of the most important functions of lecithin - a support of vitamins and necessary nutrients to the cells of our body. Lecithin certain acts as a vehicle which carries the necessary substances in each corner, and organ system. Lack of lecithin and here brings great damages the body - even employed in a large amount of vitamins and minerals simply can not be absorbed, not "walk" to the need of the body and just will withdraw from the body with processed food. 5. You probably will not be surprised to learn that the lecithin, which are the benefits and harms of today's topic, everything else influences the brain function. Lecithin is needed for brain cells, it provides its normal operating activities, which is especially important for school children, students, and all areas related to mental work. Lecithin is indicated for use in reducing the memory, lack of concentration.

Contraindications to the use of lecithin. The only contraindication - this idiosyncrasy substance. In very rare cases, the lecithin may cause allergic reactions. Remember, all things in moderation. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose of lecithin - 5 g per day is sufficient for the optimal functioning of those bodies, which are dependent on lecithin. The use of lecithin shown everything. There is no age restriction. Unfortunately, with age, the amount of lecithin, accumulated by the body is reduced by several times, so the elderly should pay special attention to the foods that are rich in lecithin. Nursing mothers and pregnant women are also not prohibited the substance, but the additional use of a dietary supplement prescribed only by the attending physician.