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The benefits and harms of lard


Lard - the essential source for our body fat of animals, and of course, the object of attention of nutritionists and doctors. Today, there are both opponents use of this product, and vice versa ardent defenders. In general, fat benefits and harms is still causing controversy in the scientific community, one way or another is still a favorite, if not, it is very popular in our country.


benefits and harms of What the fat? This is a thick layer of fat, a concentration of various biologically active substances, antioxidants and vitamins fat-soluble type. The composition of this product is largely determined by the content of such nutrients as vitamins D, F, A, E; a complex of minerals; saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. The most valuable acid, is present in fat — polyunsaturated fat arachidonic acid with a number of useful actions.




It improves brain activity, stimulates the kidneys, heart, normalizes blood counts and deduces from it the excess of harmful cholesterol. Note: salty bacon the benefits and harms of this product and its unique properties have been known for a very long time. As Hippocrates said: "the opposite should be treated the opposite." That's why at a high level of cholesterol, many doctors suggest their patients to eat every day on a small piece of salt pork fat to normalize cholesterol deposits. And to enhance the effect, you can combine eating fat with garlic, which is also useful in this disease. Additionally, the fat is a storehouse of such essential and valuable fatty acids: stearic; linoleic; palmitic; oleic acid; linolenic. All these components increase the biological activity of this product 5-6 times, compared to, for example, with the same butter. Additionally, the lecithin that is present in fat has beneficial effects on blood vessels and cell membranes — makes them much stronger and more elastic.

Of course, the fat is salty and pickled, smoked, boiled and fried. It should be noted that bacon the benefits and harms is determined by the method of its preparation, it is best to use only in salt or pickled form, as the other options are not only useless for human health, but also can cause him significant harm. For example, fried and boiled fat, there are harmful carcinogens that destroy the liver and negatively affect kidney and heart. In addition it is these substances that lead to obesity. Do not forget proper use of this product in food — excessive fat again will not bring anything good to the body. As mentioned earlier, fats are required for normal human functioning of the internal systems and organs, but their proportion in our diet should not be significant: the daily intake for an adult is approximately 9-12 g of fat, and the maximum portion for the week is 100 g. Thus, it appears that the fat the benefits and harms, as well as a number of unique properties of this product depend directly on the daily rate of its consumption. Note: experts recommend eating a small slice of bacon every morning — at this time the body can get not only a number of important components, but also energy supply. This is because fat has a high calorific value: per 100 g 770 cal. Morning slice of bacon will be useful for those who suffer from the disruption of the digestive tract. This product stimulates the flow of bile, which during the night is accumulated in our body, that is, cleans it up.