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The benefits and harms of Fructose


Everyone knows that the ordinary white sugar, which many of us have added to coffee or tea, as well as a variety of baked goods, is very harmful product. But to completely eliminate it from your diet does not always work, even for those who use sugar is strictly prohibited. That is why the solution to this problem for many people, has become a fructose benefits and harms of which, however, still cause a lot of controversy, and in some countries it is considered at all dangerous. What is the reason?

Fructose: the benefits and harms Today fructose derived from a variety of vegetables, fruits and berries, it is a natural sugar that is a product of natural origin. Ordinary white sugar that we eat has a long list of shortcomings, namely destroys tooth enamel; It is leading to obesity; violates the metabolism. At that time, as fructose - a product of multi-purpose, because it can be used all: children, absolutely healthy people, and of course for those who suffer from diabetes.




Drinks containing this substance, for example, soda, are able to eliminate hunger and restore energy after physical exertion. That is why they are often used by those who have irregular work schedule to allow yourself to maintain energy throughout the day. Furthermore, unlike the sugar, glucose or artificial sweeteners, fructose does not damage the teeth. According to statistics, people who use this product instead of sugar, much less (approximately 40%) are subject to diseases of the oral cavity.

The harm of fructose But nevertheless, despite the obvious beneficial properties of fructose, American scientists have started talking about the dangers of it. Special studies (from the USA) have shown that this component, or rather its use in unlimited quantities, provokes obesity. Note: excess fructose in the liver converts fatty acids as a result and causes obesity. To avoid this problem, you should know that a huge amount of fructose present in all of your favorite soda, which does not cause a feeling of fullness, that is, you can use it indefinitely. Although fructose is considered a useful dietary product, but in this particular case, this assertion is debatable, though, again, everything is relative, and about a sense of proportion should not forget! From all the above, the simple conclusion: fructose, or rather its benefits and harms are not fully understood, and therefore scientifically proven healing properties of this product has little, if you do not consider it indispensable for diabetics.