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The benefits and harms of Apple vinegar


Apple cider vinegar has been known for its healing power since ancient times. For example, the Chinese and the Egyptians used it to get rid of a wide variety of ailments. However, the most popular this product became in the 20th century, when one of the American scientists flashed him a book and told me in detail what the benefits and harms of apple cider vinegar are very important to humans.

The use of traditional medicine Since apple cider vinegar is rich and extremely useful composition, it is often used in recipes of traditional medicine. This product is able to normalize the metabolism and gently cleanse the body from various harmful components. Note: apple cider vinegar benefits and harms, as well as its beneficial properties are still actively studied, but nevertheless pointed out that people who regularly take a vinegar in food, greatly accelerated the metabolism of fats and rapidly digested carbohydrates. In turn, some nutritionists recommend a daily basis in the morning (obligatory fasting), drink 1 tbsp. water with a couple of drops of apple cider vinegar and 1 tsp honey - it helps reduce weight. Also, this product has a beneficial effect on the body's defenses: it increases the overall tone and strengthens the immune system.




Due to the content of acetic acid, is cleansed of harmful toxins, respectively, the person feels much better. Also the use of apple vinegar stabilizes sodium and potassium balance in the body, and accordingly decreases the appetite reducing the need for sweets. Contained in this product is vitamin A, as mentioned earlier, is able to inhibit the free radical type, resulting in slowing down the aging process. And such a substance such as pectin quickly and effectively normalizes the digestive processes, strengthens blood vessels and prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques. In addition, apple cider vinegar benefits and harms is obvious, or rather its regular use significantly reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and hypertension. Note: this is a very useful product for women: it helps to get rid of a number of cosmetic problems. Cosmetologists, for example, it is advised to wash daily with cool water (1 tbsp.) With the addition of a pair of drops of apple cider vinegar to whiten skin and improve blood circulation. For those who have poor condition of the hair, there is also a recipe using apple cider vinegar: Mix in 1 liter. cold water 1 tablespoon vinegar and rinse your hair this tool after each shampooing. After a week of such procedures, they again acquire silky and shiny. But a hot bath with the addition of apple cider vinegar can help restore elasticity and smoothness of the skin: it will be enough 1 tbsp. this product in the bath. The water temperature in the bath 40 gr. (Not more), and the duration of the procedure 15-20 min.

Harm vinegar from apples First of all, you should know that serious injury can cause excessive consumption of this product, because it contains malic acid that can cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. In addition the use of apple cider vinegar is contraindicated in: ulcerative lesions of the stomach or bowel; gastritis; pancreatitis; acute cystitis. And of course, you should only buy a natural product of high quality raw materials.