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The benefits and harms of Raisins


Raisin grapes is common only in dried form. This product uses the greatest culinary demand in the Middle East countries. Raisin is one of the most useful and popular dried fruits. This product retains substantially all the useful qualities of fresh grapes.

The usefulness of the product composition of raisins in a large number of vitamins and minerals as well as organic acids. This fruit is really priceless. Due to the content of boron in it possible to prevent osteoporosis. This item contributes to the conservation and sustainable use of calcium contained in raisins. This fruit contains a considerable amount of phytochemicals, which positively affect the teeth and gums.




The role of antioxidants is to suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria that cause a number of different diseases of the oral cavity. Back in the old days people used dried grapes in order to restore health and to strengthen the forces and raising pep. This fruit is an excellent sedative for excitable people. It is also necessary to use with anemia, heart disease, and diseases of the lungs, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. According to the recommendations of doctors, it can be used for people suffering from various heart diseases, vascular dystonia, and hematopoietic systems. Introduced fruit contains large amounts of potassium and phenol, so it is considered a powerful antioxidant. It is useful to use for people in order to preserve vision. A decoction of raisins should be used in case of gastrointestinal disorders, diseases of the throat, cough and ailments of the respiratory system. With bones it is used in dysentery, and seedless with the aim of healing from diseases of the bladder and kidneys.

Bad quality of raisins raisins negative effects consist in the fact that it contains a quantity of sugar to 8 times greater than the amount of sugar in the grapes. Presented product is characterized by great value to the human body. However, you must use it with caution lactating and pregnant women.