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The benefits and harms of zephyr


Useful and therapeutic properties of marshmallow marshmallow basis is fruit puree, preferably apple. It is rich in pectin, which, in turn, transfer all their medicinal properties marshmallow. Pectin - a polysaccharide that is not digested by our digestive system. They possess adhesive properties, is removed from the body of harmful substances: metal ions, various pesticides and radioactive elements. Also pectin contained in marshmallows, it has the following features: - a local anti-inflammatory effect in gastric ulcer; - A natural pain reliever; - Reduces the level of "harmful" cholesterol in the blood; - Improves peripheral circulation. Also known properties of marshmallow:

1. Many of iodine content in the air of this dessert fills the daily rate of acceptance of the substance, it supports thyroid work and prevents the development of iodine deficiency.

2. marshmallow contains many essential macronutrients. The iron content prevents anemia, phosphorus is part of dental enamel and maintains its integrity, Calcium - is required for the human skeleton and teeth. 3. Dietitians approved by the moderate use of marshmallow kids older than 3 years. It improves memory, supports normal digestion and gives energy and strength.




Benefits and harms of marshmallow - a moot point, but not in respect of baby food. A more perfect goodies not found, because the marshmallow does not injure the enamel has no effect on weight gain, and generally only solid benefits from it. Also marshmallows reasonably useful for pregnant and lactating women.

Contraindications to the use of the marshmallow Marshmallow - product harmless, but there are some nuances that should be taken into account in his hand. - Patients with diabetes should choose a marshmallow on fructose. - Pink marshmallow, green and other colors containing dyes that may cause allergic reactions or other organism. Allergy sufferers and people with digestive disorders should choose marshmallows without any additives. - Zephyr in chocolate glaze the most calories.