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The benefits and harms of Muesli


With the German word translates as "mash". Many people believe that the cereal - it's plain cereal product which contains candied fruit. But in reality, this term is understood a special meal for breakfast, which is prepared from cereals, dried fruits, bran, nuts, honey, wheat germ. There are many varieties of this product - they are different depending on the method of heat treatment, the presence of preservatives, the shelf life. As a part of the natural product should be present only natural ingredients. All cereals are divided into two types: 1. Raw - this product is not subjected to heat treatment and contains sheeted cereals, seeds, nuts, dried fruits. 2. Baked - such muesli mixed with natural juices, and baked at a low temperature.

Useful properties of cereal Whole grain is a major supplier of useful carbohydrates. That is why the cereal helps to saturate the body with energy, which is so important for an active life. In addition, the cereals contain a lot of fiber - it promotes long-term saturation of the body and allows you to keep a stable calorie diet. The systematic use of cereals and especially the combination of this product with yogurt, helps to normalize digestion and improve intestinal peristalsis. Moreover, as part of natural oat muesli present many vitamins, are extremely important for the health. If you regularly use this product without the addition of sugar, can improve skin and hair condition. However, in order to bring the body of muesli a favor, when they are selected you must follow certain guidelines: 1. As part of the product must contain a minimum number of ingredients - it is desirable that it was a corn and 1-2 supplements as dried fruit or nuts. 2. Do not choose cereals with sugar, fried ingredients, cocoa, honey, chocolate. 3. To prepare the breakfast is to use only low-fat dairy products or juices.



Hazardous properties and contraindications harm granola is usually associated with their composition. Thus, high-calorie components in the form of chocolate, honey, coconut hardly a dietary, so with regular use of this product, you can gain extra weight. Furthermore, damage is often muesli that they contain exotic fruits that may be treated with preservatives sulfur. Use of this product may cause health problems - especially dangerous such muesli people with allergies, abnormalities of the kidneys and stomach. It is therefore important to give up foods containing ingredients in its composition of bright colors - it is better suited to add your fruits and berries in the prepared dish. Before the use of cereals is necessary to carefully study the composition indicated on the packaging. Particular attention should be paid to the presence of vegetable fats, which may include saturated fatty acids, adversely affecting the cardiovascular system. A serious drawback of this product is a low content of ascorbic acid, which is very important to maintain the normal functioning of the body.

Therefore, should eat muesli with fresh fruit juices. Do not choose roasted muesli - this is especially true of people with a variety of liver diseases. This is too heavy a product of which consists of a lot of fat. Regular consumption of cereals would lead to an exacerbation of the disease. Also, you should avoid products that contain in their composition are many stabilizers and preservatives - influence many of them are not yet fully understood. People suffering from diabetes have to forgo the usual cereal with the addition of dried fruits - they have a high glycemic index. It is better to choose oatmeal or special grades designed for diabetics. In any case, nutritionists do not recommend every day to eat cereals, benefit and harm that is now obvious. To avoid health problems, the menu should be varied, balanced and include a variety of food groups.