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The benefits and harms of Honey bee


Bees live in the land a long time ago, so honey - one of the oldest food on earth. Since ancient times, honey is very appreciated and was used even as a subject of tribute or dues. Not everyone knows that the following composition of honey - almost 80% - is a variety of sugars, such as glucose, lactose, and others. It takes 20% honey water and only 2% are mineral salts.


Honey Benefits Many people know that honey is useful, but what properties make it so, not everyone knows. Honey bee benefits and harms are known from the very ancient times, it contains the following minerals: - iodine - iron. - Potassium - phosphorus - magnesium. The honey has folic acid, vitamins B2 and B6. Honey is not only able to raise the body's immune system, but also the tone. Also honey has a wonderful antibacterial and antiviral properties. Honey is able to fairly quickly heal minor wounds and burns. It can be a great antiseptic, it also helps to improve the blood. Those people who have diabetes, it is often replaced with sugar and honey. Also, honey is ideal for those who have high cholesterol. The fact that the use of honey is useful even children know colds. Everyone knows that it greatly helps to remove the cough and nasal congestion. Also, honey is able to improve digestion. Buckwheat honey contains a lot of iron, so you can use it under reduced hemoglobin. Honey is also useful to those who are actively involved in sports, a lot of work, or is at the stage of recovery. He is able to give forces the body to resume the hidden reserves of physical strength.




Also, honey is able to improve a person's sleep, if a person suffers from insomnia, then you can drink hot water with honey night. Many women know that honey is a wonderful cosmetic remedy. It can be used for different Pets masks. It helps to improve blood circulation, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin and body. Many large companies use honey as part of their creams for the face and hands. Honey is useful for hair, it helps to improve hair, to give them a shiny appearance and make them obedient. Balms for hair on the basis of honey are quite popular. Many are interested in ways to use a product such as a honeycomb benefits and harms. Cells are able to exert anti-allergic effect, perfectly suited for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system. Many traditional medicine healers believe that those who use a child honeycomb, much less suffer from colds and infectious diseases nasopharynx. It is also useful to chew honeycomb, they are able to lift immunity is excellent. The wax of the honeycombs are very useful for digestion because it helps lubricate the stomach wall. In some cases it is useful to add honey in different dishes, it helps to get rid of constipation.


Honey Harm In some cases, the honey is contraindicated for those suffering from allergies. This product is hypoallergenic, it should be given with care to children. There are cases even personal intolerance of honey. Caution should be used honey for diabetics. It is also believed that honey is dangerous in a heated state, with it, no matter for what reason he was hot. Do not give honey to children under two years of age, since they do not have a special ability to resist bacteria, which are contained in honey. Honey comb good and which harm the interests of many, it contributes to obesity, since it is a fairly high-calorie foods. Also, honey is very dangerous for the teeth. It enamel spoils quickly than chocolate. It should be wary of honey, which is stored for over a year. He may lose many medicinal properties, soluble vitamins, but it grows the percentage of sucrose and acids.