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The benefits and harms of buckwheat honey


Honey - is a favorite product of many children and adults who are not only distinguished by its unique taste, but also very useful. On a rainy autumn evening, especially when the body gets tired of inclement weather, so nice to have a cup of hot tea with a tablespoon of honey added to. Eat apples, dipping the pieces in the fragrant honey, or smear sweet golden viscous mass on top of the sandwich with butter - everyone loves to eat honey in their own way. There are dozens of varieties of honey, the most popular include lime, acacia, sweet clover and buckwheat. All of them have long loved by the children and adults and is used both as an exquisite dessert, and this medication. As if the sun itself to be fed with this tasty golden mass of his energy, warmth and health. Even our mother treated us from colds and coughs hot milk with honey, soda and butter and honey and compresses of cabbage leaf.


The use of buckwheat honey in the honey of the class contains potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, manganese, aluminum, vitamins B1, B2, P, K, E. Due to the high content of vitamins and minerals buckwheat honey is widely used for the treatment of many diseases. Especially popular he enjoys suffering from iron deficiency anemia, anemia and vitamin deficiency. Honey helps to cleanse the blood vessels and normalizes the acidity of the stomach. Especially useful buckwheat honey for pregnant women, children and sadikovskogo school-age and older people, because it strengthens the immune system, improves the body's resistance and activates metabolic processes. In the autumn-winter period honey from buckwheat can help protect yourself from colds and flu to both adults and children. Spring will help to maintain the necessary level of vitamins and minerals in a weakened body long winter months. Tea or milk with buckwheat honey will remove the tension in the evening - to help sleep, bring relief from the cold. Buckwheat honey helps to recover after surgery and serious injuries, severe nerve shocks and stresses. Widely used this sort of honey for the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system (heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis, hypertension, hypotension), as a strong antioxidant, to improve memory and vision. As an external treatment buckwheat honey used in the fight against diseases of the skin - lotion will help with abrasions and suppurations because buckwheat is a good antiseptic. A hot poultice of honey at ease cough tracheitis, bronchitis and pneumonia.




Harm buckwheat honey Buckwheat honey because of its richness is a strong allergen. Therefore, the use of the varieties of honey as an outward and inward, to start with very small doses to see whether you have an allergy to this tasty medicine. Harmful buckwheat honey is for people suffering from blood clots (a significant increase in hemoglobin level) and diabetes. The negative impact of buckwheat honey is on the tooth enamel, so in its pure form it is better to have in limited quantities, especially if your teeth makes you often visit a dentist. In general, it should be noted that buckwheat honey, which benefit and harm we have considered in this article, is a natural storehouse of health. It is used since ancient times, it is useful to both adults and small children, but need to use it in small quantities. And keep in mind that it is very important place where you buy honey - and only pure natural product, without the addition of sugar, flour and starch, will be useful. Get honey from reliable people, and not on dubious markets and bazaars, ideally - from beekeepers themselves.


Buckwheat honey: the main features Small bees toiler, buckwheat honey summer flowering buckwheat. Therefore, the color of the dark varieties, sometimes almost brown, burgundy sometimes, but always transparent. Buckwheat honey is characterized by rich slightly tart taste, may slightly irritate the throat. The smell of spicy, intense. A month after the harvest of honey crystallizes it into a homogeneous mass saloobraznoy consistency. Since buckwheat has always been widespread in the territory of Russia, buckwheat honey is the most popular and sought-after in ancient times and is actively exported abroad. It should be noted that the best nutrients contained in buckwheat honey, absorbed, if there is it clean or sandwich - in a very hot liquid, whether it is tea or milk, they simply can not continue under the influence of temperature.