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The benefits and harms of pumpkin seeds


The fact that the pumpkin is a very useful product, it is known to many people. But not all are that the benefit to the human body carries not only the flesh of an orange vegetable and its seeds. Breeders are 3 high-grade varieties of pumpkins: decorative, feed and dining. That table varieties of vegetables and eaten. For the first time we tried to grow vegetables in the United States. Currently, the pumpkin is grown in almost every corner of our vast world. Since ancient times, people ate not only the juicy pulp, from the stems or leaves of plants brewed healing and nourishing broths. Later, as the health-improving product began to use pumpkin seeds. Benefits and harms of this vegetable seeds directly depend on their chemical composition, but it is proved that with the help of pumpkin seeds can cure various diseases.


The composition and use of pumpkin seeds mostly consist of fat per 100 grams of fresh product has about 50 grams. Slightly less pumpkin seed protein and the most minimal amount of carbohydrates given. As for vitamin-enriched and mineral composition of the seeds, then 100 grams of the finished product can fully meet the daily demands of the body for nutrients and minerals by 70%. Among the leading fortified compounds found in the seeds - PP vitamins and vitamins all subgroup B. Minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, manganese, zinc, potassium, help the human body to replenish mineral balance and maintain normal operation of all internal systems. After numerous experiments was to prove that pumpkin seeds are endowed with unique therapeutic properties for the human body. Course application useful product in conjunction with medication can speed recovery and minimize the negative complications of neglected diseases. What are the healing properties of a unique product?





Due to its chemical composition, the pumpkin seeds perfectly strengthens the body's defenses, help cleanse the blood system from bad cholesterol. Regular consumption of pumpkin seeds helps fight serious oncological disease - cancer. The product has effective anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, it effectively used for the treatment of diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism. Zinc, which is part of the pumpkin seeds helps to establish human bone system, restore the integrity of the bone tissue and to prevent such an unpleasant disease as osteoporosis. Benefits of pumpkin seeds to the liver lies in their choleretic properties. Folk healers recommend to include in the daily menu of this product to people who suffer from various ailments of the body. Regular consumption of pumpkin seeds helps to stabilize the correct functioning of the liver, and, in addition, activate the update process of the internal cells of the organ. Antiparasitic properties useful product to help rid the human body of worms and other parasites. A decoction of pumpkin seeds - a great sedative drug, especially for newborn babies (but subject to the complete absence of allergy to this product). With the pumpkin seeds can regulate the circulatory system, to stabilize the operation of the digestive system and lower blood sugar levels.



Despite its medicinal properties, pumpkin seeds, and can bring significant harm to the human body, especially if you do not control their consumption. The pumpkin seeds are harmful? Excessive and continuous consumption of the product is able to develop an exacerbation of gastric ulcers. A large dose of pumpkin seeds may turn to humans increased accumulation of salts in the joints, which is fraught with the fixed lower or upper extremities. If the pumpkin seeds nibbling teeth, it will lead to disruption of the integrity of the tooth enamel. It is recommended to clean the seeds of hands or buy them already in a purified form. The product is a high-calorie, so it is not recommended for use in excessive quantities to people who sincerely want to get rid of excess kilogram.