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The benefits and harms of baking soda


Almost every house there is a place for baking soda. Mistress use it for cleaning different surfaces from grease, scale and other contaminants. But the dignity of soda not only in its cleansing properties since ancient times, it is used by folk healers to treat various kinds of diseases. Not long ago, the online network has the news that using baking soda powder, you can quickly and effectively lose weight, but is it really? What is fraught with baking soda, benefit and harm of any nature affect human health?


Soda useful properties is a purely white powder without smell. The chemical composition of the product includes carbonic acid and sodium. The product can be invaluable human, if you know what good for the body it may be. Due to its chemical composition, the use of soda food is as follows: due to the composition of alkali, soda actively fighting microbial diseases - stomatitis, thrush, sore throat; Rinse the mouth with soda solution for a few days, it eliminates human cough. They have a similar property and inhalations with soda; Product internal use contributes to the normalization of efficiency throughout the digestive system; lotions with soda can relieve a headache;




Serious respiratory tract disease (.. laryngitis, bronchitis, tracheitis, etc.) are treated with a mixture consisting of warm milk with a small amount of baking soda; White powdery product promotes removal of inflammatory processes, so it is used in dentistry as a flux lotions, or as a mouthwash after tooth and other dental operations; soda solution will help eliminate the heartburn caused by an increase in the permissible levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach; the same sodium carbonate solution is a preventive product from cardiovascular system diseases, and it is used in the treatment of hypertension, arrhythmia, edema; in the postoperative period or during dehydration product contributes to the normalization of water balance; . A mixture of boiled water with the addition of 0, 5 hours of baking soda will help a person get rid of motion sickness; for poisoning soda solution is used for gastric lavage, as an antimicrobial, regenerating and disinfectant; soda gadgets have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect of insect bites and poisonous plants after burns; bath on the basis of a soda solution have a softening effect, so rejuvenate the skin and help moisturize the skin; compresses based powdered product are an excellent drug against acute sciatica, rheumatism, gout; courses of drinking soda solution will help bring the body all harmful compounds and heavy metals; bath on the basis of soda effectively eliminate excessive sweating, help to establish efficiency of the nervous system, regulates fat balance of the skin; through effective diuretic properties, the product is a preventive drug against kidney stones.


Harm and contraindications Even despite the fact that the product has a lot of useful and healthful properties, and it can have a negative impact on the human body. For example, excessive consumption of soda solution contributes to increased production of carbon dioxide in the stomach. Such a state is threatening a person bloating, flatulence, pain in the stomach. Besides soda consumption can be dangerous if: symptoms of allergic to components of the product; are hypersensitive to sodium compounds. Handle with soda is recommended with caution, since the penetration of white powder on the mucous membrane of the eye can cause severe burns.