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The benefits and harms of Wheat bran


Wheat bran is a hard shell grains, which is obtained as a side product in the milling industry. From the earliest times of wheat bran were considered remarkable product, contributing to establish a process of metabolism, and at the same time, and rid the body of excess fat. In addition, the product effectively cleans the human body from a variety of accumulated toxins and pesticides, thus establishing the body's immune. In the 90 years of wheat bran especially enjoyed success, particularly as a product for weight loss. Now stir in the bran little sleep, but true connoisseurs of good nutrition are still using the product for the normalization of metabolic processes. But it is important to know that eating wheat bran, the benefits and harms of the product are directly dependent on the individual characteristics of the body of a person.


Good quality The chemical composition of wheat bran provides a lot of useful and nutrients, by which the product becomes useful. It should be noted that wheat bran has a low calorie and that increases its useful qualities. The use of wheat bran is in the following qualities: Fibres and fiber helps normalize the digestive tract work, have a cleansing effect on the intestines, bringing out all the harmful substances and toxins. Fiber effectively fight dysbiosis. It is shown that fiber in the diet of people suffering from obesity, as well as for diabetics, as it has beneficial effects on the digestibility of complex carbohydrates, normalizes blood sugar levels. Wheat bran have satiety effect, because when swallowed several times its original volume increase. This quality is very useful for people on a diet. All with vitamins and mineral composition of wheat bran fully saturates the body with all the vital substances, contributing to the normalization of all internal body systems.




Harm and contraindications

Despite all the positive and useful quality, wheat bran can cause significant harm to the human body, particularly when used in large volumes. The main damage to the wheat bran is that the product is sufficient roughage, respectively, in some cases, it is contraindicated for use. It is forbidden to take as food wheat bran for people suffering from: gastritis; colitis; ulcer in the acute stage. People following a strict diet rules, it is impossible to combine the use of bran with other low-calorie food, as this combination can lead to the depletion of the body, especially if the diet long enough period. When used large portions of bran, a person runs the risk of ill hypovitaminosis as cleaning properties of the product contribute to the removal from the body not only harmful components but also useful and nutritious substances. Experts say that the wheat bran will benefit the body only if the portion of the product will not exceed 30 grams per day.