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The benefits and harms of Crab sticks


In the years of perestroika time when the world was ruled by the 90s, on the shelves of many grocery stores appeared unusual product - crab sticks. If at the beginning of a few respected to such a new product, then later crab sticks became popularly loved. Their main advantage was unusual and delicious taste, and, of course, is a relatively low price. A little later the hostess came up with a huge variety of recipes with crab sticks, which are popular in our modern years. And from what are made crab sticks? Benefits and harms of any nature can be applied to the body at the use of this product?

What is the use of crab sticks? If you take the components of this product, we can see that the use of it for the human body is not so much. The composition of the product are artificial contents that are for the human body are not completely worthless. Only a small percentage of producers of ready-made meals from natural ingredients. But these crab sticks quite high cost, so selling them is almost impossible to notice. Moreover, at the time of thermal treatment, all the nutrients composition crab sticks simply evaporate. However, this product is popular among those people who wish to lose weight. From crab sticks get a wonderful snack that satisfies hunger for a long time. The advantage of the product is the fact that he nizkokalorien.





Possible risk of harm But the harm from consumption of crab sticks quite substantial. If the composition of the product are such chemicals as the E171, E420 and E 160, the product becomes even dangerous to the health of any person. Especially this fact concerns small children. Inclusion in the diet of the product in such content is simply not acceptable. In addition, all the artificial ingredients that are included in the obligatory meat surimi crab sticks in the manufacture, shall not be any good for the people of the organism. If you eat a large enough amount of this product, then it can cause disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract. on healthy eating Experts say that at the use of 2 crab sticks on a daily basis can cause substantial damage to the entire digestive system. That is why the consumption of this product familiar to many important to keep a sense of proportion. Of course, few people own menu is only with crab sticks, but it is all of the above circumstances it is important to take into account. Important is the factor that the production of surimi meat is not used heat treatment, respectively, if not properly stored crab sticks can "earn" a number of serious diseases. However, the crab sticks are a favorite and popular product on our table, and many cookbooks contain many delicious recipes with crab sticks in the form of various preparations.


The composition and caloric Immediately it should be noted that the crab sticks are a low-calorie product, so it is without much fear can eat people are carefully watching their own ideal figure. Low-calorie foods - crab sticks, calories per 100 grams. It has about 100 calories. The main part of the composition of crab sticks - a protein in 100 grams. it contains 6 grams. Rich and carbohydrate composition of crab sticks, 100 grams. It identified about 10 grams. carbohydrates. Product rich in mineral composition, it contains a sufficient amount of chromium, chlorine, fluorine, zinc, nickel, molybdenum, iodine, iron, niacin. Among the fortified components proved the presence of vitamin PP. Depending on the product manufacturer - crab sticks, its composition can be varied. In any case, it is composed of surimi surimi meat, soy protein, vegetable oil, salt, sugar and starch. Manufacturers can choose to add a variety of flavors, artificial colors, flavor enhancers, and other nutritional supplements.