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The benefits and harms of Flax flour


Thanks to its rich chemical composition of flax flour becomes unique in its properties. What is the composition of this product? Mineral components consisting of magnesium, zinc, copper, potassium, sodium, chromium, selenium, folic acid. Fortified components - all subgroup B vitamins and vitamins A, E. The product includes useful carbohydrates that cause no adverse effects on the human body, suffering from diabetes. Protein that is part of such a product, in terms of their times of the protein component exceeds legumes. Fiber has a special role for the body, it helps cleanse the whole body from harmful ingredients and toxins. Moreover, this component in flax flour helps to establish efficiency of the digestive tract, to relieve the person from constipation and various gastric diseases. Antioxidants and fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) to have anti-aging properties of the organism. Calories per 100 grams of product is equal to 270 calories. The use of flax meal on a large scale. Many housewives are mixed in different proportions of wheat and flax flour and then baked from the resulting mixture of cakes, breads, muffins. You can use flax flour and as a homogeneous product.


Useful properties of flax meal rich in its diversity, the chemical composition of flax meal has a special value for the recovery and treatment of the body from various ailments. How useful flax flour? Vegetable proteins are composed of flax meal, easily and quickly absorbed by the body, they saturate all internal systems are vital components. The composition of flax meal cholesterol completely absent, indicating the usefulness, as well as of the product harmless. Flax seeds have anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory qualities. Results include the product in the diet of those who suffer from the weakness of the immune system. In addition, the product is recommended for use during an attack of viral and respiratory infections. The product is indicated for use by women. The flax flour contains components that stabilize hormonal ladies and stabilize the operation of the brain. Products containing flax flour, recommended in the diet of people who engaged in heavy brainwork.




The product has beneficial effects on memory and improve brain blood flow. Cores are also shown in the diet of flax flour. This product reduces the risk of heart disease and normalizes the heart muscle. Products from flax meal helps to preserve and restore the elasticity of blood vessels. People suffering from diseases of the gallbladder, recommended regular use of products from flax meal, as it has a slight choleretic property. Flax flour is required in the diet of people who are exposed to radiation or chemicals. Flour flax seed helps to quickly deal with boils. In this embodiment, the outer product use shown. From flax meal prepared lotions, which are superimposed on the boil. After one application visible positive results of treatment.


Contraindications to the use of flax flour Even such an amazing product like flax flour, benefits and harm that fully explored, has a certain set of contraindications. Therefore, before you use the product as a healthy, or therapeutic agent, it is important to get businesslike advice from your doctor. Has flax flour contraindications following lines: If diagnosed in the gallbladder stones, the use of the product can contribute to their activity, which will result in a blockage of the bile ducts; In rare cases, but flax flour may not tolerated by the human body. In case of allergic reactions to the product of its use in the diet is strictly prohibited.