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The benefits and harms of Rye bran


Useful quality Complete chemical composition of the product is the key benefits for the body. Of course, a panacea for all ills rye bran be can't, but they may be able to become a means for complex therapy of a disease. What is the benefit of rye bran? The product shown to the mandatory use of diabetes, because once in the body, help to normalize the levels of sugar substances in the blood; Considerable iodine content in rye bran helps them to become a reliable prophylaxis against the development of thyroid diseases. The product stimulates the body's lack of iodine, but it also encourages thyroid hormone production; Rye bran is shown by reducing the immune forces, the product perfectly fills the body with the necessary components, thus improving the overall tone of all the internal systems. Regular consumption of the product contributes to the activation of protective forces of an organism, but it also encourages the activity of protective forces in the fight against the attack of viral and cold infections; For cores rye bran brings invaluable — they help strengthen blood circulation, help to normalize the level of blood pressure, cleanse the blood vessels from atherosclerotic plaques; a Proven rye bran in the fight against cancer. Once in the body, the product is actively destroying favorable for the development of pathogenic cells environment. This quality effectively in the prophylaxis and in the treatment of oncological diseases;


Shown consumption of rye bran and when the tendency of the organism to the formation of gallstones — product contributes to the production of bile, preventing its stagnation and the formation of savings; Rye bran can cure constipation, they cope even with chronic forms of indigestion. Once in the intestine, the product helps soften and output in a natural way long-standing deposits. The product normalizes intestinal microflora, thereby saving people from the goiter, flatulence; Shows the reception of rye bran to future mothers. First, the product effectively and fully saturates the pregnant woman's body all the nutrients and vital components. Second, it promotes elimination of indigestion (constipation), which often suffer future moms; In cosmetology rye bran has found its effective application. Product is actively used for improvement of hair. In order to prepare miracle cure, you will need 250 gr. rye bran add the full 2 cups boiling water. The resulting composition is again bring to your boil, then cool and spread the surface of the curls. To enhance the health effect must head wrap a plastic bag and wrap with a towel, i.e. to create the effect of the bath. Rye to hold the mask to the tresses requires at least 1 hour or, even better, and longer. After that, the mask is washed off with moderately warm water without using shampoo or other means to wash it. Regular use of revitalizing mask helps the curls to acquire softness, silkiness, makes the structure of the strands stronger, get rid of the tips section, and at the same time, strengthens hair roots and, of course, will relieve the scalp from dandruff.




The use of rye bran for weight loss In nutrition are widely used rye bran for weight loss. In useful product of dietary fiber, which actively promotes detoxification and the restoration of metabolism. Valued and low calorie content of rye bran, which is an important basis for getting rid of excess weight. Nutritionists have identified the main factors due to which there is a rapid and highly effective method of weight loss: Fiber in the composition of the rye bran in contact with the stomach, helps to relieve feelings of hunger and provokes a lasting feeling of satiety; Regular use of the product helps to resist the absorption of carbohydrates into the blood; Rye bran act as cleansers — they actively excrete all the unnecessary components that contribute to the accumulation of excess weight. When in an active food use of rye bran, how to use for weight loss? Nutritionists recommend to replace the dinner portion of the rye bran. This product is soaked in a glass of buttermilk and drink while making dinner. You can prepare a salad based on rye bran. For this, you must first brew in boiling water 1 tbsp. of the specified product, and then stir the turgid mass with small pieces of fruit. Evening consumption of bran helps to eliminate the feeling of a night of hunger, which contribute to the exclusion of overeating at night. In addition, there is another way of losing weight: it takes half an hour before the main meal to eat 1 tbsp. spoon of useful rye bran and drink plenty of warm water (about 3 full cups). This recipe weight loss ensures that during lunch, dinner or Breakfast, people will not be able to eat a large portion of his usual meals. In some people there is a legitimate problem which bran is healthier: whole wheat or rye? Experts in nutrition point out that in the process of losing weight are a huge benefit to all kinds of bran, they contribute to the filling of the stomach and resist the aggravation of hunger. Of course, in wheat and rye bran completely different chemical composition, but one or the other kind of product useful to normalize the health of every one of the internal systems.


Contraindications Even such a useful and therapeutic product has a number of contraindications, which are important to consider before taking rye bran. The product is contraindicated for use with: intestinal infections in the acute stage; spec presence in the abdomen; chronic or pathological exacerbation of the disease in the digestive tract.