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The benefits and harms of dried figs

Exotic figs is for many an unusual food product. There are people who still don't even know what it tastes like. Well, it's time to try an overseas wonder. But first, let's look into its beneficial properties, what it takes to use it in food and what are the contraindications has this fruit. Dried figs: benefits and harms — the theme of our article. The figs we know under such names as the Fig or the Fig. And the tree on which it grows, is called in the East, respectively, Fig tree or the Fig tree. Now in some houses the figs grown as a houseplant — it can quite happily grow and fruit in home conditions. In fact the Fig tree is one of the varieties of ficus.


Benefits of figs?

The dried figs has a reinforcing effect, so it is used for diarrhea and dysentery. Able to rid poisons and toxins, therefore can be applied at poisonings and intoxications. Is the prevention of tooth decay, as it removes plaque from the teeth. Fights fatigue, increases efficiency and endurance of the body. Can be used as a natural antidepressant. Extremely useful in cases of vitamin deficiency is both seasonal and in the recovery period after infections and diseases. Wonderful diaphoretic. Moreover, dried figs gently lowers a high temperature. For colds folk healers are advised to take fruit with warm milk, claiming that it disease will depart much faster and Prevents the formation of sclerotic plaques on the walls of blood vessels. It makes dried figs are a wonderful preventive measure against atherosclerosis and thrombosis. Dried figs is literally required if start malfunctions of the cardiovascular system. Indeed, the high protein content in combination in potassium, supplying high-quality building material for the heart and surrounding arteries and blood vessels. Besides, it has some substance fitsin, which effectively thins the blood, making easier the passage through the vessels and veins. When chest pain of different origin dried fruit also can help us. Effective in the treatment of cough, colds, asthma. In this case it is better to do the infusion from the fruit, and not to take them in pure form. The ability to draw pus from wounds and boils. In diseases of the kidney and genitourinary system can act as an effective diuretic. The fruit also contains fatty acids omega-3, which is also in oily fish and linseed oil. These acids are very useful food components as it is able to deliver us from depression, melancholy, protect against cancer, hepatitis and many other serious diseases. Has a laxative effect, so very effective for constipation. Besides dried figs is an excellent prevention of gastritis, ulcers and other unpleasant digestive diseases. The rich content of pectin makes it an aid in fighting cancer tumors, because pectin is able to output heavy metal salts and radionuclides. In addition, the presence of this natural substance makes the dried fruit is useful in fractures and other injuries, as the natural pectin promotes rapid coalescing of injured limbs, organs and systems. If you have a lack of energy, physical and moral exhaustion, the dried figs will help in this case.




Consider now the harm of dried figs — who can not or in a limited number to use these delicious fruits. Diabetes gives plenty to enjoy the taste of these dried fruits — due to the significant content in their composition of natural sugars. In connection with a high content of roughage can be dangerous in acute inflammations of the gastrointestinal tract In gout with extreme caution, since in the dried figs a lot of oxalic acid. If there is a predisposition to allergic reactions, it is better to eat fruit with caution. But I want to note that all of these diseases are not a cause for a complete ban on the use of dried figs. They just restrict its use.



Find out what health benefits nature has awarded it a fruit. The chemical composition of the figs is truly amazing: High concentration of glucose makes it a natural energy. Moreover, in the dried product the content of glucose was increased than in fresh fruit. Natural fructose provides a pleasant taste to the fruit, helps to quickly get out of the hangover, removes plaque from the teeth and controls the blood sugar. The rich content of natural organic acids support the regeneration of blood and cells. This property is especially useful to women, since it makes figs a great ally in the difficult battle with the time for the renewal of youth. Tannins have anti-inflammatory effect. Thanks to them figs is capable of calming influence on the nervous system and lower stress level. A lot of natural protein, which is well absorbed by the body, without leading to excess weight. Rich lipid composition. This makes figs useful for female beauty, as the natural oils are able to soothe your skin and fight wrinkles. The high content of vitamins and carotene. Many minerals and essential elements. Including: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and many others. The caloric value of dried figs is large enough — 257 kcal per 100 grams. This property makes figs an excellent tool for a quick and healthy snack.