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The benefits and harms of Bee subpestilence

The use of bee products unique. Of all the gifts of the most famous bee honey, which is actively used for treatment, as well as the reliable prevention of various diseases. But not many people know that bees are able to benefit not only during his life, and after his death. Dead bees, the benefits and harms which for humans, is used for quality treatment of a number of diseases. Indeed, this product can be called natural medicine.


What are the dead bees?

Bees not so long. Throughout his short life of these small insects perform original work. For each insect exhibited its own purpose, for example, bee honey plants actively collect pollen. There are such interesting insects, like bees-thieves, whose job it is to get into someone else's hive and steal the honey. But, whatever these useful insects, their livelihoods, sooner or later, is nearing completion. It is important to know that bees are useful to humans not only during his active life but also after death. Bee Podmore — is dead insects-bees, which beekeepers remove from the hive twice a year and use at the appropriate destination. Bee subpestilence is divided into autumn and spring-summer. A greater number of dead bees can be collected in the autumn, when there is mandatory audit of the hive. It is important to note that the quality of spring dead bees much better than the autumn, he was deprived of rot, moisture, and other-worldly smell. This circumstance is easily explained: before the green of spring bees actively feed, develop, they are healthy and vigorous, accordingly, their death only happens due to natural causes, and not the result of disease, as often happens in the fall. The collection of spring sample simple, the bees put aside the corpses of the dead insects, and the man does not seem to be any work just to collect them. But with the purchase of dead bees should pay attention to the essential quality of this product, as not every beekeeper carefully monitors its hives, so often in the sample can be detected traces of wax of bee feces and debris.




Useful quality product.

When a man uses dead bees, the therapeutic properties of the product is multifaceted. All use of honeybee products is due to its rich chemical composition, which is actively used for: obstacles to the accumulation of adipose tissue in the human body; eliminate from the body all the harmful substances and different chemicals in a natural way; the provision on the body of bactericidal action; normalization of the digestive processes; elimination of blood clots in the blood vessels; enhance the activity of beneficial microflora in the stomach and suppress internal bacteria, viruses, and harmful microorganisms; recovery after radiation exposure; the treatment of wounds, superficial cuts, stitches, burns; ease pain; prevention of heart disease, particularly heart attack; normalize the health of the cardiovascular system; improve appetite; improve elasticity of skin; regeneration of skin cells; treatment of male diseases BPH; the elimination of the consequence of nervous disorders (insomnia, irritability, apathy to life, nightmares); level of hemoglobin in the blood; improving the efficiency of the immune forces of the body; improve the appearance and tone of skin; the treatment of diseases of the eye, kidney, liver; and improve the overall condition of the body during the attack of infections and colds.


It is known the use of bee subpestilence for weight normalization. Specific diet this product does not exist. The man who wishes to eliminate extra fat from your body, you may prepare a decoction (not an infusion!) bee subpestilence is important to take inside before the main meal in the dosage of 1 tbsp. Optimally to drink a decoction three times a day. But, it is important to remember that excessive intake of a large dosage of a decoction of dead bees can lead to the manifestation of allergic reactions or poisoning, therefore, exceed a specified rate of product consumption in the day is strongly discouraged.