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The benefits and harms of Bitter chocolate

The popularity of dark chocolate came to us from old times. If you compare this product with precious metals, bitter chocolate can be attributed to the gold medal. Indeed, the benefits and harms of bitter chocolate is invaluable for every person. But few think about that piece of dark chocolate contains a lot of useful to the human body components. Not to be confused with varieties of bitter chocolate with a different variety of pastry treats. Most of the chocolate varieties which are in great variety on the shelves of grocery stores, include a variety of components, such as milk, sugar, flavorings. In the dark and really dark chocolate only contains a milled cocoa beans. Their total number is approximately 70% of the total mass of chocolate. To improve the taste of bitter chocolate in its composition is added a small amount of sugar. In the present modern producers of natural chocolate is added to the integral part of the confectionery product, nuts, raisins or other ingredients. From additional components of quality chocolate is not impaired, but only in the case that the bulk of the tiles remains to be a minimum of 70% of cocoa beans.


Useful than dark chocolate?


Good quality dark chocolate — to cheer up — because cocoa beans substances — theobromine. The specified component promotes the production of hormones of happiness, so it contributes not only to mood elevation, but also the emergence of human activity, positive and uplifting. The rich mineral content, which is based on the substance of magnesium and iron, helps to improve working efficiency and finding lost concentration. And vitamin a helps to stimulate mental and brain activity. Dark chocolate is useful for all people who suffer heart diseases or weakness of the blood vessels. Confection helps to improve cerebral blood flow, actively fighting against the development of thrombosis. Useful bitter chocolate and as a preventive product against the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes. Antioxidants that are included with treats, are actively helping the body cope with early aging. In addition, the antioxidants serve as natural purifiers of the body from all harmful substances and toxic chemicals. The product is useful for strengthening bones as it contains calcium, phosphorus and fluoride. Stearic acid prevents the formation of blood clots and helps to normalize the level of blood bad cholesterol. Regular consumption of dark chocolate helps to eliminate nervous disorders. It is noticed that small doses of dark chocolate helps to cope with stress or depression. Shown dark chocolate for weight loss. In the product contains a small amount of sugar and the main component of weight is natural ingredients, enriched with healthy substances. Regular consumption of treats losing weight helps a person to suppress the body's need in harmful sweets. On the basis of dark chocolate even developed a chocolate diet. Its basis lies in the consumption of the natural product during the day. Of course, adherence to such diets can be recommended only by a doctor after thorough studies of the body. A small amount of sugar in dark chocolate can be beneficial for people with diabetes. What's more, this chocolate product boosts the body the absorption of sugar, which is obtained from other foods. Accordingly, the regular consumption of natural product helps to normalize the level of blood sugar in diabetics. Despite popular belief that chocolate spoils the tooth enamel, the tannins contained in the composition of cocoa beans, on the contrary, prevent the formation of plaque and have a positive impact on the General condition of the gums.



Dark chocolate. What is the difference from chocolate?


If we take as a useful product dark chocolate benefits and harms which is almost equivalent to the utility of dark chocolate, it is less popular among lovers of chocolate treats. Natural dark chocolate consists entirely of ground cocoa beans, and cocoa butter. It does not contain any sugar or extra ingredients in the form of nuts or raisins. When buying dark chocolate it is important to look at the quality of the product, in part it must be at least 55% cocoa beans. Chocolate has a glossy hue, it is solid and not able to melt in his hands. In that case, if a chocolate bar in his hands begins to melt the product is a fake. Like bitter chocolate, dark chocolate has a high caloric content. 100 gr. product rely about 530 calories. Depending on the composition of dark chocolate calories washes in its composition have different: when the content of chocolate cocoa beans at least 90% of 555 calories; the maintenance of cocoa not less than 75 % — 545 calories; cocoa beans by about 55% — 530 calories.


Useful than dark chocolate?


The recommended amount of dark chocolate helps to normalize heart rhythm and blood pressure. Dark chocolate is beneficial for the female body (subject to the recommended proportions). Regular consumption of natural treats positively affects the condition of nails, hair and the entire skeletal system. Moreover, chocolate treat helps to normalize the emotional state and gives joy and happiness. For the male body dark chocolate benefits that helps to normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood. The recommended proportion of dark chocolate reduces risk of strokes and heart attacks. Recommended mixture of dark chocolate is around 50 grams. per day. It is important to remember that young children, consumption of dark chocolate is contraindicated, as this product is highly allergenic.