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The benefits and harms of Jam from cones

Pine is a beautiful conifer that grows practically in all territory of Russia. Multiple pine trees consists of coniferous forest, which is famous for its miraculous and healing quality. Healers believe that regular walks in the pine forest provide every person with excellent health, vigor and longevity. Pine cones also have unique properties, they are often used for making delicious jam, which saves people from a variety of ailments. Jam from pine cones has a wonderful aroma and sweet taste, so the treatment way is with special pleasure. This product is often used for treatment and effective prevention of various ailments and diseases in young children. But also for adults natural product bears a huge favor. Before you start to use in food or for the treatment of certain diseases jam from cones, the benefits and harms of this product needs to be carefully examined.


Useful and medicinal qualities of the pine cones.

When the treatment is taken the jam out of pine cones, the benefits and harms of this product, always different for each person. As any other natural remedy, this product may have negative characteristics for a certain group of people. So before how to start using the private menu coniferous sweetness, it is necessary to consult and approve the decision from the doctor. How useful jam from cones? Conifer cones have anti-bacterial action, it is no wonder pine is widely used for the treatment of various bacterial and viral diseases. Pine cones help to rid the body from harmful microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, have antifungal properties. Pine cones are excellent and effective means of treatment and prevention of colds. During the epidemic of influenza is well daily to eat only 1 tbsp. spoon of this product (for children the proportion is halved). Thus it is possible to reliably protect the body from attack of harmful viruses. Moreover, jam from cones instantly cure a runny nose that accompanies colds all phenomena. Sweet product has immune stimulating qualities of the course, its application helps to strengthen the protective functions of the organism. Due to the high content of various enriched components, jam from cones is particularly valued. Due to high content of vitamin C, can effectively contribute to increased vitality in the body and also improve overall health. The whole sub-group of vitamins that is included in jam from cones, helps to cope with heart ailments.



This product is a wonderful way to prevent the weakness and loss of elasticity of blood vessels. And tannin, which is also included in sweet product, is effective against the formation of stroke. When taken jam from cones, the use of this product applies to the normalization of level of hemoglobin in the blood due to its increase. Jam out of pine cones has expectorant effect, so it is used for the treatment of various diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract. Recommended to be soaked in warm water syrup from the pine jam and then use it several times a day. The same drink has antipyretic qualities, it perfectly and quickly relieves fever and chills. If twice a day 1 tbsp. spoon to take jam out of pine cones, the beneficial properties of this product is to apply to the treatment of such serious and dangerous diseases as pleurisy, bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma. Coniferous delicacy has analgesic qualities. You have to put lotion soaked jam to the affected area, and using a small amount of time unpleasant the pain recedes. In a similar way treated the pain in the gums, thus, to obtain a positive analgesic effect, and required just 10 minutes. Proven beneficial effects of the product and on the whole digestive tract. First and foremost, a jam from cones helps to normalize the health of the pancreas. But with other gastrointestinal diseases tract sweet product efficiently. Folk healers recommend eating the sweet treat people who suffer from stomach ulcers. Due to antioxidant properties, the product has an antitumor effect.


Harm to jam from cones.


Specialists in nutrition recommend to strictly adhere to the basics of dosing of sugar. Optimal is the use of jam from cones 2 tablespoons per day for an adult and 2 teaspoons of product for young children. Accordingly, the total dosage of the product should be systematically distributed in equal parts and used for a full day. Excess consumption of jam from cones can cause severe headaches, upset stomach, and allergic reactions. There is a category of people who are strictly contraindicated the use of coniferous Goodies: lactating moms; pregnant women; elderly people (from 60 years); young children (up to and including 3 years); in the use of the product by children who have not attained the age category up to 7 years, it is necessary to carefully monitor the reaction of their body. The product is non-allergenic, so when the occurrence of the corresponding negative reactions to the body of a baby, from further use of jam from cones should be abandoned. In the presence of certain diseases of the sweet treat should be taken with special care and preferably completely abandon him. To such illnesses required include: acute hepatitis; Allergy; renal failure. If you are hypersensitive to this product use is strictly prohibited.