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The benefits and harms of Honey comb

Bee products are astonishingly diverse. Honey is a valuable product that helps unique nutritional and beneficial qualities. Honey comb is a healthy treat that is equally beneficial for little children and for adults. What is honey comb? Benefits and harms of what the nature is of this product of beekeeping? Beekeepers consider honey comb is a unique product, agrees in this opinion and experts on healthy nutrition. The honey in the comb contains a lot of useful and a variety of bee products — propolis, pollen, wax, bee secret, pollen, honey — all they are a storehouse of useful and nutrients. In folk medicine, each of these components is recognized as medicine, and together they represent a unique product, which has both nutritional and Wellness benefits.

The useful qualities of the Benefits and harms of the honey comb most of the rest used for therapeutic purposes, but it is important to remember that the product is a delicious treat, especially like small children. Bee product bears unique properties in folk therapy it is indicated for the following human diseases:



poisoning of the body, slags or intoxication — in this embodiment, the active ingredient is a wax, it is a natural absorbent, which in the shortest possible time saves the human body from the harmful effects of malicious substances; diseases of the respiratory system and pulmonary diseases; diseases of the oral cavity, especially tooth decay. Once in the mouth the honey comb has antimicrobial, antibacterial and wound-healing effect. In parallel with the useful properties of product this product helps to strengthen tooth enamel and cleaning your teeth; the propolis acts as a pain reliever for various types of pain (headache or toothache, aching or throbbing pain, etc.); comb honey is a natural immune stimulator, it is indicated for use with weak immune system as a means of stabilizing the body's defenses; active and external use of honey in the comb. It perfectly copes with a variety of skin diseases — fungus, bacteria. Has the product and wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating quality, so it is used for external healing of wounds, burns, cuts, all types of abrasions; showing the use of honeycomb cores. Rich chemical composition of the product helps to purify the blood, strengthens blood vessels, serves as a preventive measure against the risk of heart ailments; used honey comb and gynecology. The product is used to treat inflammation, bleeding, bacterial infections; positive impact the product has on the nervous system, it is indicated to use for nervousness, frequent stress, insomnia, etc.; in cosmetics honey comb used as anti-aging agents. Masks and creams based on bee products help to eliminate wrinkles, achieve skin health and youth.

Contraindications of Course, the honey comb is the perfect therapy is only an adjuvant in the treatment of a certain disease. But folk healers indicate that the consumption of this product may be, and the only therapy in combating certain ailments. Given this property of honey in the comb, it is important to remember about any possible contraindications. Comb honey you want to eat in strictly limited proportions. Excessive consumption of the product could lead to violations of the gastrointestinal tract and the risk of occurrence of allergies. In addition, the honey comb is a pure natural product, respectively, entering the human body, he "launches" the work of all internal systems that could provoke exacerbation of chronic diseases in humans, if any. Has the honey comb and contraindications to its application: allergic reactions; diabetes mellitus; hypersensitivity; some gastric diseases (pancreatitis, gastritis, gastric ulcer); fever; gallbladder disease; kidney stones.