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The benefits and harms of Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds is a favorite by many people product. In the villages without nibbling seeds does not seem to be no walk, and the inhabitants of the metropolis are not averse to flip the delicious roasted seeds, watching TV. And how useful is this a delicious product? What is the true benefits and harms of sunflower seeds? In this modern sunflower seeds are more common in Russia, compatriots love to nibble them for fun, and actively use the seeds as a product that helps the body cope with serious diseases. But was brought sunflower seeds from distant Holland, although in these years this product was not very popular. It is not known when humans first tried the soft part of the seeds, because first, the dense thickets of sunflowers used to decorate the facades and courtyards. But the first squeeze of sunflower oil from sunflower seeds is listed in the history of Russia. The discoverer of a useful product was the normal peasant — Alexey Bokarev. The first extraction of sunflower oil was performed on a homemade apparatus, but after 4 years was opened a huge oil-mill. Useful than sunflower seeds? In any case, this delicious and aromatic product can bring harm?



Roasted. Are they useful? Most often used in food that is roasted. And are they useful? It is believed that during heat treatment of the product in its composition disappears of the useful components, but it is not always the case. If the raw seeds subjected to roasting, most useful and vital components in the product will remain. But it is important to consider the factor that the calorie content of fried sunflower seeds is much higher. This aspect is important to consider when forming a portion of the product. What is the use of roasted seeds? Fried product remains the full composition of antioxidants preventing ageing and act as a Normalizer health of the cardiac system. Roasted sunflower seeds have a beneficial effect on the liver, gently cleansing the internal body. The product is shown as a means for the normalization of the digestive system. Roasted seeds can be consumed as a snack, which is especially relevant for people actively weight watchers. Seeds perfectly saturate the body to slake for a long time the feeling of hunger. But it is important to consider the caloric content of the product, so in large quantities it definitely can not be consumed. Roasted sunflower seeds have a positive effect on the health of the nervous system, they contribute to peace and deliverance from anxiety and stress. It is important to consider the factor that these useful qualities are inherent only to roast the seeds, which were prepared without the use of salt or oil. If these ingredients were added to the product, it loses some of these useful qualities. The main benefits and harms of roasted sunflower seeds depends on the method of preparation of the product. If roasting seeds was used burnt oil, the product becomes dangerous to the body. High levels of carcinogens is an activator for the formation of malignant cells that subsequently activate cancer. To sunflower seeds brought a favor and eliminate any harm, you have to cook them yourself instead of buying the questionable quality of the product on the street.

Damage sunflower seed Delicious sunflower seeds, the benefits and harms of this product are enclosed in its chemical composition. And in some cases the product can be definitely harmful to human body? Excessive consumption of sunflower seeds can lead to the formation of excess weight. In the presence of gastritis or peptic ulcer by clicking seeds are recommended to give up. In some cases the roasted seeds can cause heartburn. Lushage seed affects the vocal cords, after their consumption is lost voice. The clicking of sunflower seeds negatively affects the condition of the teeth, contributing to the formation of Tartar and plaque, as well as the destruction of tooth enamel. It is proved that the batch of seeds more than 100 gr. able, but not for long to increase the level of blood pressure, which is particularly important for hypertensive patients. Great content in the product of vitamin B6 triggers the inhibition of brain activity, causing drowsiness and loss of coordination.