Benefit and harm

Benefit and harm of products

The benefits and harms of Frog legs

Frog legs are considered an integral symbol of France, although for the first time to take their food invented by the British. Frog legs was present in the menu of the local population 9 thousand years ago, evidenced by archaeological excavations near Stonehenge. Frogs are present in the dishes of many cuisines. The legs of these animals became a delicacy in many countries of Europe and Asia, they are found also in the kitchen America and the Caribbean, although the most popular frogs acquired in French cuisine.

Are used for food not all frogs, just those that are grown in special conditions. The main exportation frog legs is Vietnam. It is in the lead in the cultivation of frogs. Frozen feet arrive on the shelves of almost all countries of the world.

Properties of frog legs

Frog legs are very low in calories, according to your taste reminiscent of chicken, they are soft, tender, pale pink, easy and quick to prepare. Because frogs live only in clean water, their meat is considered environmentally friendly, do not contain toxins and harmful substances.

Frogs produce special enzymes that effectively fight cancer cells, cancer tumors.

The frog meat contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals that improve the body and beneficial to human activity.

Use frog legs

Frog legs have anti-inflammatory effect, they are recommended to use in infectious diseases, as well as when are present in the body inflammatory processes.

The legs contains an analgesic substance that acts on the body is stronger than morphine, but does not harm and has no negative consequences.

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The benefits and harms of Chanterelles

The chanterelles are common mushrooms, the color of which is bright yellow or pale yellow. Hat is characterized by a similarity with the inverted umbrella. The size of the cap reaches ten centimetres. Stipe smoothly into the hat. The average weight of a mushroom is about fifty grams. The feature of the chanterelle is that there are no worms.
The fungus grows mainly in coniferous, birch and mixed forests. Growing mushroom in the family or group. Where one is found, there is a need to look for a dozen.

Properties chanterelles

Fox has a lot of vitamins. The main ones are: vitamin A, PP and V. Amino acids and trace elements beneficial effect on the eyesight and cure “night blindness”. Chanterelles are recommended to use to prevent diseases associated with vision. Substances that have chanterelles have a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane of the eye, contributing to its hydration and increasing resistance to various infections.
Due to the substance of haymanot, which is part of the fungus, it does not affect worms. This property makes it impossible to develop the eggs of the worms, destroying them. Hitimana has the property implementation in the mucous shell of the worms and have on their nerve endings blocking effect. In the process of this reaction the person does not feel any discomfort. Therefore, infusions of this mushroom to treat furunculosis of education, accompanied by boils. Properties chanterelles able to resist the Bacillus of tuberculosis.
These mushrooms have a very valuable property. They can resist radioactive substances unlike other types of fungi. They take a variety of radionuclides contained in the body.
The composition of chanterelles has valuable vitamin and mineral properties. It is a valuable product that delivers the right amount of protein for the body.

Use chanterelles

Chanterelles are considered one of those species of fungi that have the greatest number of useful properties. In the food industry as it is the third category, as it is not so well able to be absorbed by the body unlike the white mushroom. In order to possess all the useful qualities of the chanterelles needed in the process of preparing it to cut small pieces.

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The benefits and harms of laminaria

Kelp is a brown algae that grows in the sea basins of the North Pacific or Arctic ocean. Different kelp are called seaweed. It is edible and very beneficial to the human body the plant.

Properties of kelp

The composition of this plant includes essential to the human body, iodine, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, thanks to which kelp has healing properties. The most interesting is the fact that it contains substances, which are no more nor in any other plants.

Useful properties of kelp help with iron deficiency, is a consequence of disorders of metabolic processes in the body. Due to the large amount of iodine, there is a complete absorption of substances such as protein, phosphorus and iron in the body. While the metabolic functions are accelerated, which increases the hemoglobin.

The composition of kelp include alginates, which give it the properties of an immunostimulant for the body. If seaweed to include in your permanent diet, you probably the body is significantly stronger and would be able to fight and resist the agents of various kinds of infectious diseases. Especially with the explosion of epidemic influenza.

Kelp has antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so its use in cosmetic body wraps. These procedures also have a beneficial effect on blood circulation in the scalp, causing hair growth.

The benefits of kelp

Contained in the composition of kelp beta-sitosterol benefits the cardiovascular system. Regulated and comes back to normal blood pressure, removes excess cholesterol and uric acid, strengthens the blood vessels, is regulated by the normal heart rhythm.

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The benefits and harms of Goose

The goose is a bird of the duck family. Geese are smart and cautious birds that are able to distinguish the shepherd from the hunter and also have in his flock guards. However, the captured birds can easily adapt to new conditions, respectively, they are easy to tame. These birds feed on various roots and sprouts of plants, their seeds.

The properties of goose

Goose — goose, is highly valued in the food supply. The high price of this meat (two times higher than in chicken) is due to the excellent taste. To eat meat, only good ones because its very easy to make soft. Meat old geese often so hard, that helps even pre-exposure to the marinade.

Buy that meat on the grocery market there and in large supermarkets as fresh and frozen. When you select should pay attention to the size — the bigger the goose, the more it has of the specific weight of muscles. Of course, a very important age of the goose, which is determined by the softness of the meat. The softer the meat, the younger the bird. Also pay attention to the skin, which should be free of feathers, and also have uniform color, be intact and dry. The fat from the goose can say a lot about the quality of this bird. Than it is more transparent, the better. Allowed and whitish. But the yellow fat is unacceptable.

Goose is quite high in calories and nutritious. If you compare the number of calories of raw and cooked meat, the difference is huge — in the first embodiment is about 160 kcal, the second — 450 kcal. Data per 100 g But most fat is, of course, grilled meat. In this kind of a calorie count over 600.

Use goose

This meat contains almost all b vitamins and also contain vitamins A and C. additionally, this meat is a lot of microelements and macroelements. Especially helpful is the meat to the person who leads a sedentary life. This is because the goose is very nutritious, but the fat, which, by the way, is up to 50% of the total weight of a bird consists of various useful fatty acids, predominantly linoleic acid.

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