Benefit and harm

Benefit and harm of products

The benefits and harms of Flying fish roe

Flying fish — fish squad ORGANOARSENIC. There are 52 species of these fish, which are distributed in 8 genera. As it is clear by name these fish, they can fly, but, of course, not as birds do. In the chest they are fins, through which the fish can emerge from the water and fly a short distance through the air. Flight speed equals the average speed of car is 60 km/h. all in All, the fish can fly up to a mile continuously.

Flying fish ROE is popular. It is called tobiko.

Properties of caviar of flying fish

If other species are common in many countries, the eggs used mainly for preparing land and rolls as well as salads. The first or main dishes tobiko is used primarily as decoration. It can be several colors: yellow, orange, green or black, but her natural color and one is light orange. Others get by staining of the product but this uses natural dyes. For example, to get green, used wasabi, bright orange — ginger, black — a mixture of sea cuttlefish ink and orange caviar.

The taste of this caviar is different from other species, and the smell of it is also slightly different. Tobiko is more dry, and also has a crunch on the teeth. The flying fish ROE in Japan have been used for over five centuries, and since then this process craftsmen were honed to perfection. It is therefore considered that the best flying fish ROE — tobiko Japanese. Thus it is better to use canned food because it is ready to drink. Implemented and frozen eggs, but first it has to be treated in a special marinade. The chemical composition of the calf causes its beneficial properties.

Use the caviar of flying fish

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The benefits and harms of Caviar

Caviar is the eggs of female fish. Unfertilized mass of people consume. It can be raw or cooked. Among all the types of caviar are the most popular red caviar — it has an excellent taste due to which it is used in the preparation of holiday meals.

Properties of caviar

This product has long been considered a delicacy, and although it is now commercially available, the daily dish, the caviar, not name. Interestingly, in ancient times, caviar was considered a great food for dogs because of its nutritional value. Subsequently, the Japanese decided to try out caviar for human consumption, where it took the example of the Russians.

And though the caviar sold today in many more smaller shops, it costs a lot, and not always has the quality that deserves their money. ROE of good quality is just a storehouse of nutrients.

Red caviar is produced from fish of the salmon family; depending on the fish size and the taste of the eggs may be different. You'll find most salmon caviar is the most universal type that individuals acquire most often. Another popular activity is trout caviar. In size it is smaller than the other types. Sockeye caviar is considered difficult because the fish lately have begun to destroy. Chum salmon caviar has a distinctive taste, due to which her revered, not all, however, she previously had a status of "Royal".

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The benefits and harms of Sugar substitute

Sugar substitutes are substances that can be used instead of sugar in its natural form. The fact that many people nowadays suffer from diabetes, in which sugar intake is strictly contraindicated, but the substitutes here would be most welcome. And the person who is trying to watch her figure, too often tries to give up natural sugar.

Properties of sugar substitute

First, let's say that there are two types of sweeteners: natural and artificial. Natural sugar substitutes are the most good option. Many of them are not much different in caloric value from natural sugar, but its characteristics are considered more useful. But synthetic alternatives are different, on the contrary, low-calorie, but they have side effect – they increase appetite. The fact is that these substances are sweet, and the body feeling the taste starts to wait, when will begin the intake of carbohydrates. But carbohydrates do not from where, therefore, man is always haunted by the feeling of hunger.

Use sugar substitute

Start speaking about the benefits possible with such a sweetener like fructose. It is a component in its properties it is much sweeter than regular sugar, which means it can be used not so much. This substance may be consumed, affected people.

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The benefits and harms of Hare

The hare at all times been, though small, but game. The meat of this animal similar to rabbit meat, but it has a lower fat content, additionally it is tougher and more aromatic. Also the carcasses of birds darker and more rabbit. The taste of the meat will depend on many factors, namely the age of the animal, its species, method of extraction and storage conditions.

Properties hare

As mentioned above, hare hard enough. In addition, meat has a specific taste. As for the fat included in the hare, it is almost there. It should be noted that in this meat is very high in protein, which is almost completely absorbed by the human body.

If we talk about the composition of meat, we can say that it has gathered a lot of macro - and microelements, vitamins. Cholesterol, which is so harmful for the man, it is almost there, but there is a significant amount of lecithin.

100 grams of rabbit meat contains about 13 grams of protein, 12 grams of fat and 3 grams of carbohydrates. The older the animal the more fat and protein, but water less and less.

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