Benefit and harm

Benefit and harm of products

The benefits and harms of kefir

Kefir is a fermented milk drink, which is obtained by fermenting cow's milk. For this purpose, use kefir fungus. It was first prepared in the Caucasus, where over time, the recipe began to spread to other countries. In Russia, kefir has become popular recently — in the XX century. Although initially kefir was brought to this country from the Caucasus in 1908, when kefir fungus appeared in the capital of Russia, started its own production of yogurt. Subsequently, Russia was the patented technology of production of this drink.

Properties of kefir

Kefir is a homogenous drink with different density (moderate to strong), white color. The taste of the yogurt is slightly sour. As various other milk drinks, kefir is quite useful to humans. And not only in its useful properties, but in the right use. If you make yogurt a component of the diet, you will be able to lose weight and enrich the body with useful elements. In addition, it can be used for simple cooking.

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The benefits and harms of catsup

Modern ketchup is a thick sauce based on tomatoes, spices, salt and vinegar. Interestingly, in the original ketchup did not include tomatoes, because the progenitor of the sauce came from Southeast Asia, presumably China, and as a base had fermented fish. This type of sauces and nowadays is widely used in Asian countries.

The ketchup has undergone significant changes, becoming popular in the United States. The first known recipes for sauce based on tomatoes appeared in America in the early X century. Observed an obvious influence of Mexican culinary traditions, influenced by which in ketchup appeared not only tomatoes, but sweet and hot peppers, spices and hot seasonings. The peak of the popularity of ketchup reached thanks to the American industrialist Heinz created ketchup on a base of tomato paste, received by evaporation in a vacuum. This paste will not easily spoil and gives the sauce the right thickness and consistency. Ketchup this manufacturer is available until now and still is popular.

Properties of ketchup

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The benefits and harms of Chicken

Chickens first appeared in tsarist Russia. Roosters featured a bright red comb, the earrings on the sides of the head both sides the same color, gold or red with different hues, the plumage of breast and neck and the plaits of green color on the back. The chicken was with a small comb and scant feathers.

Chickens live on the ground as their ancient ancestors. Basically the whole day they spend on the feet, and therefore have their particular structure. With them they are able to escape from danger quickly enough. Them, they may have the power to break the soil to get the worms, sprouting seeds and larvae, when food on land is not enough. They are able to dig a small pit, to remove them from pests, trapped in the plumage.

Nowadays chickens are grown in special farms for meat, eggs or absopositively.

To cook really delicious tender chicken, you need to choose it properly in the store or on the market. First you need to sniff the packaging from the chicken, if you will hear even the faint smell rancid, it is not necessary to buy such meat, they can be poisoned. To determine the freshness of poultry is possible and just by looking at her, so you should try to buy them in clear plastic bags. You should make sure that she has no yellow or green spots, and visible mechanical damage. Her muscles must be developed, and the breast rounded, without visible protrusions. You should pay attention to the skin, it should have a pinkish hue.

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The benefits and harms of Turkey

Turkey is the largest of all the birds that managed to tame the man. Belongs to the pheasant family. The homeland of these birds are the United States of America. Since ancient times people have used Turkey meat, because it was able to tame before anyone else. After some time the bird was transported to European countries. The female's weight is from five to eleven pounds, and males from nine to thirty-five kilograms. The plumage of this bird may be a variety of colors, starting with white and ending with black. The specific color depends on the breed and varieties.

Properties Turkey

The most popular breeds that bring in Russia:

the North Caucasus white and bronze;
white chested and Moscow;
black coach;

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