Benefit and harm

Benefit and harm of products

The benefits and harms of konin

Horse meat is one of the most clean, lean, nutritious and healthy meat products. Horse meat has a very specific smell and herbal taste. Recommended to eat horses not older than three years of age. But the most useful and tasty meat at a young ten month old stallion. Horse from the young horse is different colour of the fat. Stallions have a fat pink or white, and Koni yellow.

Properties of horse meat

Horse meat has dietary properties that make it quite easy, the process of assimilation in the human body. One hundred grams of horse meat contains one hundred and sixty-seven calories and zero carbohydrates. It contains more protein compared to meat of other animals whose meat is eaten. There are also a number of nutrients and vitamins. This is the percentage of sodium, potassium, iron, amino acids, phosphorus, copper, thiamin and many others. Horse has another valuable feature: it is composed of a substance capable of neutralizing effects of radiation. Horse fat is able to withdraw the bile from the body, therefore due to its properties, horse meat is recommended when the disease jaundice. Horse fat has a good effect on the liver.

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The benefits and harms of Goat cheese

For a long time these cheeses was done only in the countries of the East. Today they are considered a real delicacy.

Goat cheeses come in different types: soft, fresh cheese and pressed. To prepare, you need to heat the milk to 30 degrees, it turns out the mass of cheese. It's then cut and placed in a cellar to left any excess serum.

First, the fresh cheese a pleasant taste of fruit, and later, he takes on a sharpness, with a slight taste of nut. It is best to do this cheese in the summer or late spring.

There are many kinds of this product that have its own characteristics. They are made in different countries that are proud of such cheeses.

Properties of goat cheese

These cheeses contain bacteria (lactic acid), identical to those beneficial organisms that are in yogurt (live). There are these bacteria in almost all varieties of cheese.

These microorganisms are useful because they contribute to a certain process. In lactose oxidation PH due to fermentation. This becomes a barrier to the emergence of pathogenic sticks. The composition of this cheese is similar to antibiotics.

Use goat cheese

Most of these cheeses are made from unpasteurized milk, and all of their use comes from this. Undoubtedly, they're much better than those raw materials for which is the cow's milk. The goat is very selective in what she eats. She definitely chooses vegetation, which is rich in various nutrients, and the cow only eats what she catches. That's why goat milk is much more of vitamins and minerals.

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The benefits and harms of Cranberry sauce

This special dressing with a pleasant slightly sour taste. She made fresh cranberry berries. Thanks to this product, the taste of the dishes is bright and very special solemn.

It is well known that cranberries are very valuable and truly useful. In Russia it is held in high esteem since ancient times. Our ancestors definitely included in your daily diet fruit drinks and juices from the cranberries and the sauces.

This dressing is widely used in the cuisine of different countries, especially America and England. So for Thanksgiving this sauce definitely served a delicious Turkey. This is why this product is associated by Americans with the holiday.

There are different options of how you can prepare this sauce. To do this, there is no need to exert a lot of effort. This whole process is very easy and takes very little time. There are different versions of cooking sauces of cranberry. If you want the dressing is thick, then it is boiled or simply add natural thickeners such as starch or flour. Additives such as pepper, salt or sugar, will give the desired shade to the taste of the sauce. Choice of supplements depends on what dish will be served this dressing (sweet, meat or fish). It can be used in cold and in heat. If necessary, the product is kept for 14 days in the refrigerator.

Properties cranberry sauce

The properties of the sauce are determined by the properties of the cranberry used for its preparation. Especially appreciated this berry in the North, where people use its medicinal properties.

Cranberry sauce helps to make the meals festive. It's fed to poultry, and fish, and meat. Best of all, this sauce goes well with pork and lamb (it is bold)

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The benefits and harms of Kimchi

Kimchi — a dish that is national in Korea. It consists of pickled vegetables (such as cabbage), seasoned with very spicy spices. Kimchi is one of the dialectical names of this dish, also called kimchi or chimchhi.

In Korea it is very common, and is considered one of the main dishes. It appeared quite long ago, about in the I Millennium BC Today, kimchi is truly cultured: in his honor was built the museums, the festivals. For example, in one of the museums, there are 187 species of this meals. And in one of the universities there is a faculty (first and only) which teach the technology of preparation of kimchi.

Properties of kimchi

The main component in addition to kimchi Korean cabbage is pepper. This recipe was found in receptrice 1765, and since then several centuries it remained virtually unchanged. However, in the twentieth century, the recipe was updated: there was added various components that change the taste of kimchi.

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