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The benefits and harms of Mushrooms

Mushrooms - is the most famous and popular in the world of mushrooms. In the world they are used for the preparation of a huge variety of dishes. Cultivate them started in the XIX century. It is difficult to say exactly which country the first time specifically raised these mushrooms. It accepted to believe that this has happened in Italy or in France, where the beneficial properties of mushrooms are highly valued. Gradually mushrooms imported to different parts of the world. In Russia they were in the XIX century. Presently engaged in the cultivation of mushrooms almost everywhere. They are unpretentious, well survive in a tough climate. Often they grow even in the parks of major cities. Cottagers and gardeners throw mushrooms on their own sites. Everyone knows that the mushrooms in their nutritional properties can compete with the meat. However, not everyone knows what useful mushrooms.

The use of mushrooms in their unique composition. It's probably no secret that mushrooms - are living organisms that possess traits of plants and animals. That is why they are rich in proteins, fatty acids, carbohydrates, and also contain vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The consumption of mushrooms in food helps to improve brain function and prevent memory loss. These mushrooms are useful also for the vision and strengthen connective tissues, bones, teeth, skin, hair and nails. Vegetable proteins are part of the mushroom, easily absorbed by the body and contribute to the breakdown of saturated fats and sugar, reduce cholesterol levels. Therefore, mushrooms are considered a dietary product, the use of which prevents the development of obesity, diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system. According to the number of mineral substances found in mushrooms, these mushrooms are comparable to some types of fish. The use of mushrooms as is the juice from them is a good disinfecting agent.

Damage mushrooms is obvious, of course, with their excessive consumption. However, I must say a few words about how they need to collect mushrooms. There are cases when the whole family got serious food poisoning from eating mushrooms. In the early stages of its development, mushrooms exhibit similarities with toadstools. The error in this case, can be fatal. Benefits and harms of mushrooms depend on the place of their collection. Mushrooms quite unpretentious, they can grow even in the courtyard of apartment buildings. Eating them in any case impossible - they absorb all the harmful and even toxic substances that get into the soil, water and air of the metropolis. Therefore, they can be collected only in those places in which environmental conditions you can be sure.