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The benefits and harms of Spinach

Spinach - a herbaceous plant, whose leaves, resembling in appearance sorrel is used in cooking. They are prepared using the green soup, soups, various side dishes, salads. It originated this plant in Persia in the XIX century. Two centuries later, it was first used by Russian court chefs. Empress Anna Ivanovna, tasting dish, was struck by his unusual taste properties. Leaves outlandish plants began regularly delivered to the royal table. Healers also undertook a study of the question of what is useful spinach. In our time, buy this product can be frozen in any large supermarket. Useful properties of spinach appreciate vegetarians and supporters a healthy lifestyle. Leaves of plants stewed, used for making sauces and soups vitamin. However, widespread among compatriots this product, unfortunately, I did not get

The use of spinach was confirmed by scientific research. Its leaves contain vitamins A, C, E, folic acid, and antioxidants, necessary for controlling the composition of intracellular fluid. The use of spinach for women's health is manifested in the fact that his regular consumption helps to normalize and stabilize the menstrual cycle. Leaves of the plant doctors recommend to eat for people suffering from anemia: The product improves hematopoietic function of the body and increases the content of hemoglobin in the blood. Low calorie product allows you to include it in the diet menu. This is very important, since, wanting to lose weight, reduce the amount of nutrients that can weaken the immune system, making it more vulnerable to disease. Vitamins and minerals contained in spinach, help to avoid this negative effect. And this product will help clean the intestines properly. Pregnant women who eat spinach leaves and fruit provide nutrients necessary for its proper development.

Damage of spinach is that it contains oxalic acid. It can cause acute renal and urinary channels diseases. Contraindications This product is also available in gout, rheumatism, diseases of the liver and gall bladder. Benefits and harms of spinach will be balanced in the event that if you eat foods in moderation. Do not forget that diet must be complete, containing all the essential nutrients - and proteins, and fats, and carbohydrates - in sufficient quantities. Only in this case, any product will be extremely useful properties.