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The benefits and harms of Sorrel

Sorrel - a plant belonging to the family Polygonaceae. His ground part is elongated leaves, having sour taste. The most common dish of sorrel in Russia - green soup. However, this plant is used for the preparation of a variety of different salads and snacks. Well, delicious cakes with sorrel tried in our country, perhaps each. This undemanding plant the Russians for a long time considered a weed and did not dare to eat. In Europe by the time it has long been used not only in cooking, but in the traditional medicine. When domestic researchers know what is useful sorrel, many radically changed their attitude towards it. This plant quickly became known as "storehouse" of vitamins. 

 Wanting to feel the beneficial properties of sorrel year round, it began even canning. After the healing qualities of the product are not lost. In this age known to many benefits of sorrel. The most popular dish of this plant are still considered green soup. Sorrel ripens in early spring, when our body, tired of cold weather, the most prone to vitamin deficiency. Tasty dish gives the body a large number of much-needed materials.

Use sorrel that it contains vitamin C, K and B, and besides - carotene, iron, potassium and acids: citric, oxalic and malic. These substances increase the secretion of gastric, pancreatic, improve the gastrointestinal tract. It is important to note that the body can not synthesize their own, they can only come from food. Favorably influences sorrel and on the cardiovascular system: it has a strengthening effect on the walls of blood vessels. In traditional medicine, sorrel is not used, but the people properties of this plant are used widely. For example, it is known that it has good anesthetic, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, sorrel broth used for rinsing the mouth with bleeding gums. It is also believed that its use prevents the development of liver disease.

Harm sorrel noticeable in gout and kidney disease. Another contraindication - it increased acidity of the stomach. Oxalic acid may promote the formation of stomach ulcers. It does not recommend products and gastritis. Benefits and harms of sorrel, of course, depend on its quality. Buying a questionable product, you can expose the body in serious danger. Well, sorrel, you grown in the country, of course, would be the most tasty and healthy.