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The benefits and harms of Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus - a tree that belongs to the family myrtle. Even in ancient times, people appreciated the useful properties of eucalyptus. The tree was considered sacred. Girls used its leaves to preserve the beauty and youth, the soldiers - for the healing of wounds. When a long drought of tree roots to extract water. Traditional medicine since the ancient times hold recipes infusions, decoctions, ointments and creams on the basis of eucalyptus. The tree is a symbol of protection, protection. There is a legend that a nymph, ran away from the groom ill, caused compassion of the gods. They turned it into a eucalyptus. This tree is the highest in the world - the height of it can reach the level of 100 meters. 

Crohn's rather thin, and therefore almost no shadow. Under the shade of a tree it feels nice and fresh, with nothing comparable to the smell of essential oils. Homeland of this wonder of the world - Australia, however, today this plant family are common on every continent. The question of what is useful eucalyptus, carefully studied by scientists.

Use eucalyptus, in principle, it was known to the ancient people. A decoction or infusion of its leaves - an excellent antiseptic. It is used for the treatment of wounds and mouthwash with bleeding gums. It is used in the treatment of colds. In every pharmacy you can find a rich assortment of candy with eucalyptus extract, eliminates the unpleasant symptoms and runny nose. Eucalyptus essential oil is used for inhalation for respiratory diseases. The procedure is able to get rid of the cough of various kinds. In addition, the essential oil - a wonderful find for aromatherapy. Bath or massage with eucalyptus oil after a hard day's work gives an unforgettable experience. Oil not only has a pleasant odor, but also provides for human nervous system relaxing effect. This preparation will help to gather his thoughts, to concentrate, to cope with stress. It is added to the water bath is used as a component for scented candles and use in the manufacture of creams, masks, massage oils and other cosmetic products. It is believed that the oil makes the skin smooth and silky. Use eucalyptus applied in floristry. Fragrant twigs decorated with flower arrangements. Bunch acquires not only the original appearance, but also unique flavor.

Harm eucalyptus described proverb "not knowing the ford, not poke your nose into the water." Before the use of drugs is not superfluous to consult a doctor. Benefits and harms of eucalyptus essential oil, infusions, decoctions of it will depend on how well they are used. Bold experiments may lead, for example, to the banal poisoning.