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The benefits and harms of Barley

Barley - cereal is a herbaceous, usually an annual plant. It cultivates it was about ten thousand years ago. It's hard to describe exactly the history of its spread. But we know that in the Kiev Rus cultivated barley. Stems, leaves and grain plants used for many purposes. They serve as food for livestock, used for baking bread, cooking hot cereals, soups and beverages. And in our time, the beneficial properties of barley are not forgotten. Its use is probably as wide as in antiquity. Preparation of live beer is unthinkable without barley. The grains are used to produce barley and barley groats. At the same time with each grain removed sheath - bran. They are used for the production of diabetic bread products. 

Not many people know useful than barley. However, eating it in one form or another, probably, everyone. In Russia, it is still cultivated on a large scale. Use of barley used not only in the food industry, but also in medicine. After all, Avicenna wrote about a strengthening effect on the body of this cereal.

Use of barley is that the grains contain almost all vitamins B. They normalize metabolic processes, are used for preventing heart diseases and digestive system, improves hematopoietic function of the body and support hormonal balance. Vitamins A, D and E strengthen the immune system, helps to restore and improve vision, a positive effect on the structure of the mucous membranes, bones, skin, nails and hair. They are necessary for children, as it promotes the normalization of the body's development. The grains also contain the elements necessary for such health, such as phosphorus, silicon and potassium. Traditional medicine is rich in recipes barley infusions. They are used to treat diseases of the respiratory system, as well as an antiviral agent. In traditional medicine, this herb is used in the preparation of some antiseptics. The use of barley is used in the home cosmetics - for the preparation of various masks and infusions. It is believed that his infusion - one of the best means to restore weak and damaged hair. Nutritionists point out that barley is rich in vegetable protein and fiber - an indispensable product for diabetes.

barley damage can also occur in various forms, such as allergic reactions. Do not forget that the food grains from this cereal is quite high in calories, which means you need to use them sparingly. The use of barley and damage will depend entirely on the correctness of its application. When cooking it is important to keep all the healing properties of herbs, and not to spoil their harmful additives.