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The benefits and harms of Arugula

Arugula - This spice long vocation is in Russian. Fresh rukkolarukkola - Guests from Italy, it was used in the preparation of many dishes of the ancient Romans. They have long believed the green medicine. Useful properties of arugula handy in medicine and in our days, the leaves of spicy plants used for medicinal infusions and decoctions. And needless to say how widely used the spicy herbs in cooking! Any owner afford to cook at home a real Italian salad. Summer Resident with not even have to look for herbs in the supermarket. Growing lettuce arugula - not such a difficult process. The plant is quite unpretentious, it can be planted in any sufficiently bright place. And of course, it is important not to forget where necessary to water the beds. Arugula seeds can be bought in many specialty stores.

For the first time tasted the fresh leaves of green, you will be surprised by its unusual taste. It has a slightly bitter mustard hue that will give any hot dish or salad, even the most ordinary fresh garnish, spicy flavor. Many felt this taste once, can not forget him for ever. But after learning about what is useful arugula, and does become passionate fans of Italian cuisine.

Use arugula in that it contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, and is dominated by iodine. As is known, ascorbic acid - an excellent antioxidant, which helps to maintain and prolong youthfulness every cell of the body. It was his presence makes the greens excellent means to maintain immunity and vitality. In addition, arugula helps regulate digestive processes and serves as a great tool for the prevention of thyroid diseases. In addition, consumption of fresh leaves the recovery of hemoglobin levels in the blood. Use arugula diet repeatedly proven by nutritionists. Green leaves are not only low in calories. They contribute to the acceleration of metabolic processes, the withdrawal from the body of harmful substances. Benefits and harms rukolly cause no reasons for disagreement scientists. Undoubtedly, this tasty greens and its use serves to maintain good health.

However, if the plant is grown in poor environmental conditions, arugula harm can come back to haunt. In addition, care must be taken to the individual characteristics of the organism. Not all products are equally useful to different people, and it must be considered and decided to include in the diet of a particular dish.