Benefit and harm

Benefit and harm of plants

The benefits and harms of Radish

Radish - a herb, a member of the cruciferous family. Eat radish roots people began in ancient times. Ancient myths tell that Apollo appreciated this root weight in gold. In ancient Egypt from its seeds received valuable oil and dishes from its root was served on a golden bowl. Hippocrates and Dioscorides mentioned useful properties of radish in his medical treatises. In Kievan Rus it is also celebrated: to our times has reached a huge number of folk sayings of radish. Its called repentance roots and certainly eaten in days of fasting. The use of radish used traditional healers for the treatment of festered wounds, and in the cold it was used as a yellow card. The origins of this plant is the secret to modern scientists. It is believed that it originated in the Mediterranean. It is the most ancient fossils of plants found here.

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The benefits and harms of Mushrooms

Mushrooms - is the most famous and popular in the world of mushrooms. In the world they are used for the preparation of a huge variety of dishes. Cultivate them started in the XIX century. It is difficult to say exactly which country the first time specifically raised these mushrooms. It accepted to believe that this has happened in Italy or in France, where the beneficial properties of mushrooms are highly valued. Gradually mushrooms imported to different parts of the world. In Russia they were in the XIX century. Presently engaged in the cultivation of mushrooms almost everywhere. They are unpretentious, well survive in a tough climate. Often they grow even in the parks of major cities. Cottagers and gardeners throw mushrooms on their own sites. Everyone knows that the mushrooms in their nutritional properties can compete with the meat. However, not everyone knows what useful mushrooms.

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The benefits and harms of Spinach

Spinach - a herbaceous plant, whose leaves, resembling in appearance sorrel is used in cooking. They are prepared using the green soup, soups, various side dishes, salads. It originated this plant in Persia in the XIX century. Two centuries later, it was first used by Russian court chefs. Empress Anna Ivanovna, tasting dish, was struck by his unusual taste properties. Leaves outlandish plants began regularly delivered to the royal table. Healers also undertook a study of the question of what is useful spinach. In our time, buy this product can be frozen in any large supermarket. Useful properties of spinach appreciate vegetarians and supporters a healthy lifestyle. Leaves of plants stewed, used for making sauces and soups vitamin. However, widespread among compatriots this product, unfortunately, I did not get

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The benefits and harms of Sorrel

Sorrel - a plant belonging to the family Polygonaceae. His ground part is elongated leaves, having sour taste. The most common dish of sorrel in Russia - green soup. However, this plant is used for the preparation of a variety of different salads and snacks. Well, delicious cakes with sorrel tried in our country, perhaps each. This undemanding plant the Russians for a long time considered a weed and did not dare to eat. In Europe by the time it has long been used not only in cooking, but in the traditional medicine. When domestic researchers know what is useful sorrel, many radically changed their attitude towards it. This plant quickly became known as "storehouse" of vitamins. 

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