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The benefits and harms of Oil, soybean

Soybean oil is a vegetable oil extracted from soybean seeds. To get it, use one of two methods: extraction or mechanical. Mostly this oil is used for culinary purposes.

The first time this oil was received in Ancient China. Then it was opened for the benefit of man. Later it passed into Korea and the Japanese Islands. Today this product is quite common in use in many countries.

It is derived from soya, which grows mainly in countries with warm and hot climate. It is a tropical region of Asia, Australia, Indian Islands, Central and South Africa, America.

Properties of soybean oil

It contains quite a large number of useful and necessary substances, the oil is used mostly for culinary purposes, as well as other representatives of vegetable oils.

Because it contains lecithin, it is extracted for later use in confectionery purposes, and pharmacology.

The calorie content of soybean oil is almost identical to any other vegetable oil is 885 kcal per 100 g

The use of soybean oil

So, in soy oil, as already mentioned, are important for the human body vitamins and minerals. It has fats, acids, vitamins C, E and b, choline, magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc. The entire complex has a positive effect on the person, and with regular use you can greatly strengthen the body.

If this oil is used in food systematically, it is possible to reduce the risk of cancer, heart attacks and some heart disease. Thanks to a series of acids increases liver and heart muscle.

But that's not all. Product favorably affects the brain and potency. It also helps to stabilize cholesterol levels. It is effective for the prevention of diseases of immune system, diseases of the digestive system and proper operation of metabolic processes.

Thanks to the useful substances improves skin condition, stabiliziruemost its water metabolism and increases its defense. Tocopherol improves the kidneys and struggles with stress or depression.

The use of soybean oil

Like many vegetable oils, soy is used for culinary purposes. It is possible to fry a variety of products to use as a dressing for salads, add to sauces and other foods. It is used in the production of mayonnaise, various confectionery products, bread and margarine. Sometimes it can also be found in other products, which do not relate to food and cooking in General (e.g., dyes or soap).

Soybean oil is pretty good and softens dry skin with this firming it. It also protects it from negative environmental influences. This oil is used in cosmetology: it produced creams, masks and even lotions. They tone the skin and helps to recover chapped or dry skin

The harm of soybean oil

To this oil there are individual intolerance, in which it should not be used. People who are prone to allergies to beans or soy protein, from eating also must be abandoned.

Pregnant women and breast-feeding soybean oil to use is also not recommended.

If a person has a migraine (which attack) or there are various brain disease, then soybean oil is best not to use it.

Only in small doses, this oil may be used if a person has a serious disease of the digestive system, liver/kidney failure or disruption of the intestine.