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The benefits and harms of pumpkin seed oil

Any of natural oils useful organism. But pumpkin - among the leaders. It has long been valued very highly. In the Middle Ages the oil bubble was equivalent to a gold ring. Later it began to be considered a medicine and sold in drugstores. This remarkable product with peanut flavor and today is recognized as a cure for diseases of internal organs. But many do not know how to properly apply the pumpkin seed oil, the benefits and harms of this vegetable should be clearly separated. What kind of products as it is obtained This oil is created by cold pressing of pumpkin seeds. To obtain one liter of oil, 40 pumpkins are needed (2.5 kg of dried pumpkin seeds). This type of oil is traditional in Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria. Oil pumpkin started to produce in Austria.  

Therefore, the Austrian oil is considered the best. In this country, a special pumpkin grown cultivar with very large seeds, which give the oil more than other varieties. It has a bright ruby red color due to the high content of carotene. Calorie and composition Pumpkin seed oil has a high calorie content. 100 ml of product for about 850 kcal. He has a rich vitamin and mineral composition. The oil contains virtually all of the most valuable vitamins (A, C, D, F, E, K, P, B1, B2) and minerals (iron, magnesium, selenium, zinc, calcium, etc.). Oil pumpkin - one of the best sources of zinc. 100 g of product contains 8-10 mg of zinc. Other valuable components of the oil are acid (polyunsaturated fatty): Omega - 3, 6, 9, in large quantities.


What you need to know about the properties of the oil in it than use it effectively as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent of diseases of the reproductive organs in men and women. Daily intake of two tablespoons of oil eliminates the danger of prostate cancer. Other useful product qualities are anti-inflammatory effect, relieves pain at the joints diseases, get rid of parasites, especially helminths, normalization of the nervous system, improve sleep, decrease allergic reaction of any type, lowering cholesterol (bad) cholesterol in the blood, reducing the blood pressure, support the treatment of diseases stomach and intestine, the excretion of harmful substances, the recovery of the liver, a beneficial effect on the urinary system, pain relief for burns. Included in the material oil normalize fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, stimulate the production of healthy insulin and other enzymes. This reduces brittleness vessel wall tissue elasticity increases. All this contributes to the treatment of a considerable number of vessels and heart disease: Hypertension, atherosclerosis, bradycardia, angina, anemia, ischemia, varicose veins, thrombosis, etc. Oil pumpkin is a powerful antioxidant. It: provides tonic effect, stimulates metabolism, improves immunity. Strengthening the body is due to the shortfall of many important components, which reduces susceptibility to various diseases.