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The benefits and harms of Hemp oil

Before the tragic 1961 hemp oil, as well as other derivatives of cannabis, it was part of the life of any Slav. Traditional potato flavor is always just that oil - no butter, no sunflower oil or even linseed. From the plant fibers were manufactured clothing - sturdy, socks, natural, eco-friendly. And if you look deeper into history, we find that the plant was a different person and BC. The benefits of cannabis wrote the ancient Chinese, Greeks - can get acquainted with the works of everyone who is not indifferent to the amazing plants. The cannabis can exploit any part of it - from the leaves to the inflorescences. Hemp oil is produced from the seeds and is superior in quality, even linseed. Is it because our ancestors intuitively gave it preference? Unfortunately, overseas contemporaries prefer olive, rather than closer to us genetically cannabis. Yes, and in the sale are not so often see natural hemp oil.

 And if they meet, the manufacturer of the product will mean Canada, England or any other country where cannabis is cultivated for industrial purposes. The Russian plant is not cultivated, and oil out of it is not made. Hemp oil - benefits everyone knows about the benefits of unsaturated fatty acids. Marine fish, nuts, seeds, chia fashionable, traditional olive oil- these products are well-equipped with useful fats. But hemp oil, benefit and harm is caused heated discussions, the leader in terms. In total, linolenic, linoleic, oleic acid occupy almost 80% of the total of the list contained fatty acids.

On the content of Omega-3, Omega-6, except that fish oil can compete with hemp oil. And these acids are essential to our cardiovascular, nervous system, their use is indicated for obesity. As part of the present number of vitamins - B, A, E, D and K, almost a full range of minerals needed for the life of a person, antioxidants, amino acids. Cold pressed allows you to save all of the unique set of structural elements - such as it is in the oil and discharged. Hemp oil, the benefits and harms is reliably established, is used for the prevention and treatment of diseases. The range of "effects" of the use of the product: the strengthening of the cardiovascular system, anti-inflammatory effect, the treatment of skin diseases (dermatitis, psoriasis), anti-aging effect on the skin, anti-tumor effect, the normalization of hormonal balance, strengthen the immune system.

Today it is fashionable to add hemp seed oil in cosmetic products -'s Skin products for hair and skin. Russian manufacturer of well-known reasons, "fashion" can not support. Dehydrated, dull, wrinkled skin on the hemp oil is transformed. It notes the following characteristics when applied to the skin - immediate absorption on and call it "dry oil". The skin of the "dry" becomes hydrated, soft and supple. Medical, preventive, cosmetic effects from using the product - it is a scientifically proven fact. Inclusion of hemp oil in the daily diet can save from the widest range of diseases or to prevent their development. from product nutty taste with a little sour, somewhat reminiscent of unrefined sunflower oil, color - green due to the large amount of chlorophyll. It is used in its raw form is not subjected to heat treatment. At 1 tablespoon 3 times a day - and the body will be under the protection of the product, which over the centuries and millennia care about the person.

The benefits and harms of Hemp oil