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The benefits and harms of grape seed oil

Has an amazing quality grape seed oil, benefits and harms his well researched. One of the easiest of all vegetable oils. Its cosmetic properties are known to each girl: creams and lotions with grape seed oil are very popular. But even in the cooking he has no equal - high combustion temperature allows heat treated oil with a high degree (up to 216). So, grape seed oil - how to take, where to use, what does it do? The composition and production of the share of polyunsaturated linoleic acid (omega-6) 72%. Oleic acid (omega-9) in second place - 16%. Among other fatty acids - linolenic (Omega 3), palmitic, stearic. Omega acids required by the body for safe operation of the cardiovascular, nervous system, they normalize lipid metabolism, as well as contribute to the purification of toxins and radionuclides.

Omega-6 is primarily determines the properties of cosmetic oils - to maintain hydration, regenerative qualities. The antioxidant effect provided by the presence of vitamins A, E and C. Antioxidants - the enemies of free radicals that age the human body, provoke the development of diseases (including cancer). Total 1 tablespoon oil provides the daily requirement for vitamin E. It was he who helps to lower cholesterol, strengthen blood vessels involved in the regeneration process, the healing, has anti-inflammatory properties. To save all the active substances, oil is obtained by cold pressing. However, the yield is low, which is disadvantageous to the manufacturer. Today, therefore, in the majority of other technology used - hot extraction, slightly lowers the quality of the final product. The green color of the oil due to the presence of chlorophyll.

Thanks to him and provided a tonic effect, and regenerative properties. Grape seed oil, benefit and harm which are discussed below, extracted from grape seeds. Among the main suppliers - France, Spain, Italy, Canada (wine regions). Grape seed oil - a by-product of winemaking, but extremely useful and attractive for manufacturing. The benefits would be good for everyone to have grape seed oil, the use of the product and harm to surprise many. At the hearing only its cosmetic properties, while the list of medicinal qualities not less extensive. The cardiovascular system will be grateful for the use of grape oil. In this case, his valuable vasodilating properties, the ability to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improving their elasticity. Admission oil reduces the likelihood of thrombus formation, lowers cholesterol, prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. It can be safely used in treatment of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, heart failure, varicose veins and rosacea. Oil - not only medical, but also a preventive product.

Its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and wound healing properties useful in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (erosions, gastritis, enterocolitis). Outside view of the use of the above qualities appropriate and for skin injuries (cuts, burns, fractures). Grape seed oil, benefits and harms that are caused by such a rich composition - it is also an immunomodulator. And its antioxidant properties carefully protect not only health, but also beauty. Among other medicinal properties - hepatoprotective, anti-tumor, normalization of hormonal balance, increased potency, strengthening the female and male reproductive system. A complete list of properties will take more than one page. "Waste" wine - it returns for our body.