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The benefits and harms of Butter

Butter, benefit and harm is caused fierce debate among nutritionists - product on our table traditional and popular. Someone listening to the WHO, completely abandon or severely restrict its use. Others continue to apply, rather than spread oil on a morning sandwich, guided by the instructions of recent statistics. According to them, the butter together with the cholesterol - a good source of libido, strong immunity and a beautiful figure. One thing is certain - the product has a significant and positive, and some negative aspects. Whose side benefit - the science is not yet known. From the History It is believed that the first product manufacturers were the ancient Jews. Proof of this is a reference to the Old Testament. 

According to other sources of oil for the first time it appeared in ancient India long before our era. By the way, today in India, ghee - not just popular, but even therapeutic product that is absorbed in large quantities. In Russia, the butter "divorced" in the IX century. And industrial manufacturing it was organized in the XIX century. But only in the XX century. Research Institute of Nutrition have sounded the alarm.

Cholesterol boom swept across the planet - the butter has become an enemy of the cardiovascular system and the number one figure. Steel conducts research, laboratory examination, but convincing arguments in favor of the damage has not been put forward. In any argument "against" were immediately opposite (scientific) opinion "for". Battles ignite serious, but the warring parties have not reached a consensus. Therefore, every citizen has the full right to their position on the sweet and creamy. The benefits of butter Benefits (and harm) of butter due to its composition. Chemical component of the product - it's a huge amount of vitamins A and E, the entire group B, D, PP.

The composition of oil - about 150 fatty acids, of which at least 20 - irreplaceable. Among minerals - potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, zinc and others. Proteins and carbohydrates also enrich the composition of the product, whose nutritional value is quite high - 700-800 kcal per 100 g of butter Benefits of this is due to a balanced and varied composition. Vitamin A is essential for vision, immune system, regenerative processes. Vitamin E - is the health of our skin, hair and nails, the strength of the muscular system. Vitamin B - strong teeth and bones. Unnecessary and harmful "details" in the oil, not even the terrible cholesterol - a mandatory component of a number of reactions. Few are aware that cholesterol is a structural element of the cell membrane, is involved in the synthesis of certain hormones and digestive components. Its deficiency invariably affect the state of reproductive function and sexual activity. Reducing the amount of cholesterol consumed in Europe, it had no effect on the incidence of heart disease statistics. But the increased rate of infertility. Perhaps a direct connection between these phenomena and no - the science did not say "yes" or "no."