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The benefits and harms of Olive oil

Olive oil is known to many. Chefs gladly prepare delicious dishes using extra virgin olive oil, and cosmetologists use this product as part of mineral and curative cosmetic funds. And what is the true benefits and harms of olive oil? The story of the olive enmeshed in deep secret. It is believed that the first olive oil is prepared and used as a unique product in Egypt, but later became a popular product around the vast world. In mythology, there is their own historical records, according to which during the dispute with Poseidon and the goddess of fertility Isis germinate in the soil olive tree. Anyway, this is a unique and useful plant has been successfully used for its intended purpose the inhabitants of many countries. The composition of olive oil is beneficial? Of course, a certain place in the usefulness of the product devoted to its composition. 

The chemical composition of olive oil includes a sufficiently large amount of useful minerals, which makes it a therapeutic and nutritious product. The dominating place in the olive oil given to fatty acids. As part of this product, of which there are several varieties, a higher percentage of the volume occupied by the Omega-6 fatty acid and oleic. Slightly fewer product contained in linoleic acid. But palm stearic acid, and given nearly the minimum amount. All fatty acids are useful for the body and nutritional role. Flavonoids in the product favorably influence the formation and restoration of disturbances in the digestive tract. present and vital vitamins in olive oil. The main role is played by vitamin E or a component of Health and Beauty. Since ancient times, vitamin E is known as a substance that promotes the preservation of youth.

Also useful component carries a significant role in the normalization of the sexual system. The product is rich on vitamins K, A, A. This group of essential substances contributes to the normalization of the heart and nervous system. Useful quality when used in the treatment of olive oil, the use of the product and harm to have the following qualities: All components that are found in the chemical composition of olive oil, are a positive function for the whole organism. Science proved that the antioxidant properties of the product to effectively compete with the risk of cancer tumors. Regular inclusion of olive oil in food sets the work of the heart of the system a positive way.

The product contributes to the appearance of elasticity of blood vessels and cleanse them from thrombosis. In addition, the consumption of the product is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis. Indispensable olive oil in the diet of people who suffer from various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The product helps to normalize the level of acidity in the stomach, respectively, indicated for patients with gastritis, peptic ulcer disease. Olive oil is shown for use in disaster recovery time of the digestive system. Folk healers recommend regularly included in the diet of olive oil for people suffering from kidney disease. Unique is the fact that the product contributes to the normalization of the reproductive system, not only in all women, but also men. In particular, the recent consumption of olive oil cures potency. Useful product for people who suffer from nervous disorders or are prone to frequent manifestation of depression. Useful components in the product help to normalize the functioning of the nervous system. A regular consumption of olive oil helps to set the mood. It provides an indispensable benefit of olive oil and on the musculoskeletal system. This mono product use not only domestic consumption, but also external use. Lotions and baths with olive oil to help eliminate joint and muscle pain, restore injured cartilage and to tone muscles. The product has similar properties, if it is taken orally. It has long been a recipe for eliminating sharp pain in his back. To do this, mix equal amounts of olive oil and melted wax, and the proceeds lubricate sore back. For diabetics olive oil is useful in that it enhances the whole body insulin sensitivity. In cosmetology is especially appreciated olive oil, a product that gives young skin, silky hair and nails fortress. Contraindications and harm most health food devotees believe that olive oil does not have any negative factors. But, like any other product, olive oil has its own contraindications.

The benefits and harms of Olive oil