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Cashews of rare and exotic quickly became popular and is actively consumed in Europe. They are considered to be the birthplace of Brazil, which still remains one of the largest exporters of nuts database. Delicate taste of cashew and special finish secured him fame in the world of cooking. It is a product that is appreciated for its beneficial properties for the human body, so it is actively used in folk medicine. Cashews: benefits and harms, the recommended dose of use Like most nuts, cashew - enough nutritious food. It belongs to the category of healthy food. He is very popular in cooking, especially in the preparation of desserts. Today, cashew is no longer a rare find on the supermarket shelves, and so more and more, these nuts can be found in the recipes. So, what is interesting cashew nuts and why they should be present in the menu?

 Vitamin and mineral composition Cashew - a storehouse of vitamins. In these small nuts contains: - vitamins B (B1, B2, B6); - Vitamins A, E and PP; - Trace elements (phosphorus, zinc, calcium and potassium, copper and manganese); - Selenium; - Nicotinic acid. Fats cashew despite oily aftertaste, less than, for example, or in peanuts walnuts so popular. But for proteins and natural sugars Cashew holds a strong leadership position. Especially prized these nuts for a high content of Omega 3. The use of cashew nuts by the use of these scientifically validated data can have a visible effect in such diseases and ailments: - anemia; - Diabetes;

One of the most high-profile and unexpected discoveries of recent years is that the components of these nuts are struggling with the microorganisms destroy the enamel. In folk medicine, a paste of cashew nuts in combination with honey is recommended for the treatment of teeth and removal of gum disease. In cosmetology broth from the husk of nuts used in the treatment of warts, cracks in the skin. Due to the oily texture, Cashew mask well nourishes and softens it. Actively these nuts are used in the media after tanning. The use of cashew nuts has a positive effect on reproductive functions of both women and men. It is a powerful and, importantly, a natural aphrodisiac. They also strengthen the immune system and increase the body's defenses. Particularly useful have cashews during epidemics of influenza. Cashews are less able to cause allergies than other types of nuts, so even allergic in some cases, they can be eaten.