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The benefits and harms of Pine nuts

Pine nuts are highly prized in cooking. This is one of the most expensive varieties. It is noteworthy that in addition to the cores themselves, are widely used in cosmetic and medical purposes and their husks (softens rough skin) and shell (has astringent properties, is used as an anesthetic). The nuclei of these nuts is - a real storehouse of vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients. The pine nuts are valuable: the benefits and harms In fact, these nuts are not other than the seeds of Siberian cedar pine. Nuts they were called for a pronounced taste, high in calories and rich in vitamin composition. In folk medicine, pine nuts attributed truly miraculous quality, and formal research has no time to confirm this. Useful properties of pine nuts beneficial effects on the human body have pine nuts because of its unique composition. Among the most significant effects from eating them for food are the following: - decrease in blood pressure; - Treatment of atherosclerosis; - The formation of the immune system and its strengthening; - Promoting intellectual development; - Increase potency;

 - Normalization of the nervous system; - Cleaning the blood, increase the level of red blood cells; - Prevention of anemia; - The preservation of the strength of teeth and bones; - Adjust the water balance; - Normalization of blood formation (especially after the injury with severe blood loss); - Treatment of thyroid diseases; - Increase hemoglobin.

In the nuclei of cedar nuts contain abundant vitamin A (responsible for the growth of the body, is especially necessary in the children's diet), B1 (has an important influence on the cardiovascular, digestive, and nervous system), B2 (affect the liver, strengthens the nervous system , stabilizes blood formation), B3 (facilitates the synthesis of fats, converts calories into energy), E (promotes the assimilation of other vitamins). Of the important trace elements for human life and health in the pine nuts are present: copper, magnesium, zinc, silicon, etc. Also, it is composed of 19 amino acids, significant part of which is indispensable and a kind of scarce.. A unique feature of these nuts is that they are easily and quickly absorbed by the body. Calories cedar seeds is 270 calories, this is one of the lowest rates of all varieties of nuts. The combination rapid and relatively low calorie processing body enables the use of these nuts for the treatment of diseases associated with weight gain. With regular use them for food produced hormone that reduces appetite. It is recommended to gradually and gently enter the pine nuts in the diet of children during the active change of teeth, great physical and mental stress.