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The benefits and harms of Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts not so long ago appeared on the shelves of local stores, but quickly became a competitor to the usual walnuts or pine nuts. Despite its name, it brings them for the most part not from Brazil and from a distant and mysterious Bolivia. it looks like a peanut, but larger. It grows on trees in the fruit, similar to coconuts (in one such large walnut is typically smaller 8-24 nuts). Harvest these whimsical treats manage to collect only in the wild. Strange and unusual Brazilian walnut: benefits and harms of composition and properties of the Brazil nut and mysteries explored it so far gone. On the palate, it resembles the pine nuts. It is used in cooking, cosmetics and traditional medicine. It is used raw, roasted or salted. From it is produced oil which artists are added to the paint to the saving richness of color, they smeared timers are added to cosmetic products, they treat ulcers and skin wounds. 

The use of the Brazil nut to human health Use of these nuts in food is capable of the following impact on the human condition: - lower cholesterol; - Saturate the body with fiber (an important component for the functioning of the intestines); - A beneficial effect on reproductive function: increase the potency, prolong reproductive age; - Exert anticarcinogenic effects (when used in small doses); - Prolong youthfulness of the skin; - Intensifying growth and have a beneficial effect on the mental capacity of children;

Like most other nuts, this type can provoke allergic reactions. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat breastfeeding women, children under 3 years of age and anyone who suffers from chronic pronounced allergy to nuts and mangoes. The children's diet product should be administered minimal doses and monitor the reaction. Eat a day is no more than two of these nuts. All useful qualities that they possess, will be wiped out if the dose exceeds the allowable: can develop poisoning, intoxication, dizziness begin. The peel of nut is particularly dangerous toxin, which at a concentration in the human body to cause cancer. For this reason, Brazil nuts are especially careful monitoring for import to the EU. Acquire is only peeled nuts! The flesh of these nuts in small doses contain radium, which is also able to harm the body even completely healthy person. In small to moderate doses, it is not dangerous, but it is a radioactive element and can cause irreversible consequences. Hypertension is also especially careful to include them in the daily menu. And it is better to limit the use nut to 1 per day. Although data nuts and well kept, during transport, storage, they can be processed with all sorts of chemicals or contaminated by microorganisms. It should be especially careful to choose nuts in bulk, or opt for a packaged position.