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The benefits and harms of hazelnut

Whether it is hazel, hazelnut or hazelnut, in any case, these tasty nuts tried everything. Earlier, people endowed their magical properties, since in lean years hazelnuts saved them from starving to death. Today, hazelnut not only eat, but also carefully examine its properties. What if they can recover from some illness ?! Ingredients Hazelnut When the queue was hazelnut, benefit and harm for its scientists were a revelation. The hazelnut contains many vitamins. For example, the group B, a sufficient amount of E, and a bit PP and C. In addition, hazelnut rich in flavonoids, phytosterols, organic acids, and trace elements. Therefore, those who regularly eats hazel hardly complain about a shortage of fluorine, iodine, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, cobalt, zinc, calcium, copper, manganese and iron. To love hazelnuts advise and vegetarians, because thanks to the vegetable protein, it can perfectly replace meat and fish. As the saying goes, and the wolf fed and the sheep are happy. 

 Calorie hazelnut The nutritive value of hazelnuts overtakes all nuts. If the example shown, the hazelnuts three times more calories than bread, 7 times greater than in milk chocolate and hazelnut to further grow and grow - 8 times hazelnut-calorie chocolate. In 100 grams of hazelnuts contains 679 kcal. Simply put, to adult whole day was well-fed, it is enough to eat per day from 200 to 400 grams of hazelnuts. Going into figures, scholars argue that the hazelnut is 20% protein, 12% from protein, 13% from carbohydrates, and contains 60% oil. Useful properties of hazelnut A lot of vitamins and minerals in the composition of the hazelnut - it's good, you might say. But how does this affect the human body? Due to the presence of vitamin E, hazelnuts helps people remain young. After all, we all know that the antioxidant properties involved in the restoration of the skin. B vitamins is a must in our nervous system. Without potassium and magnesium can not work the heart. Thanks to copper to produce its own collagen, which permanently stores the tone, elasticity and youthfulness of our skin. It plays an important role and monounsaturated fatty acids. They significantly reduce unwanted cholesterol.

The composition of hazelnut, scientists figured out and is what it is useful for our body. So, hazelnut strengthens the heart muscles; It prevents the development of osteoporosis (bone disease); It supports the protection of the body, reduces the chances of catching a cold; perfectly strengthens the body as a whole, especially if you eat it with honey; excellent prophylactic against cancer; improves brain activity; good prevention of atherosclerosis, lower cholesterol; effective remedy for thrombophlebitis and varicose veins; prevents intoxication, prevents putrefaction; a wonderful source of energy; It protects the nervous system from the stresses and strains; best friend male - ensures the normal operation of the prostate gland; in nursing mothers contributes to the development of milk; participates in the dissolution of calculi in urolithiasis. We offer you a recipe for strengthening the nervous system with the help of hazelnut. In order to normalize their nerves, it is necessary to prepare nut milks. To do this, you need to honey (2 tablespoons), hazelnut (50 cores) and water (2 cups). Follow the preparation steps: Fill hazelnuts 1 cup of warm water, put on 10 hours. Strain, then chop the hazelnuts. The resulting slurry is poured a glass of warm water and leave for another 3 hours. After bring the infusion to a boil. When cool, strain the mixture. Add honey. Recommend it to store milk in the refrigerator. Take one spoon before eating. And very soon you will become much calmer.