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The benefits and harms of almond

Among the almond nut is not occupied the last position on the number of useful substances for the organism. Scientists have investigated almonds, its benefits and harms are described for a long time. Thanks to its unique composition, almond treats ailments and prevent some diseases. almond almonds Composition scientists found 50 grams of fat, proteins and carbohydrates and the same number - 22 grams. But in addition, almonds are still many vitamins (almost all of the groups B and E) and minerals (copper, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium). With this composition, almonds improves brain function, making it more productive, helps the process of hematopoiesis. By the way, a large number of proteins in almonds make this nut simply irreplaceable.

It vegetarians and athletes note! Almonds and figure Other researchers call a different number of calories in almonds. But on average 100 grams of these nuts there 600-640 kcal. To replace breakfast or lunch, to eat enough only 30 grams of almonds. Also, studies have shown that these nuts are very few sugar. Therefore, the use of this product stabilizes fat metabolism. So, eat almonds is recommended even to those who are "suffering" diet and wants to reduce sugar levels. Just remember, to lose weight should eat almonds without peel. Otherwise achieve backlash. Useful properties of tasty nuts Need to know those who love almond, benefit and harm from it can happen the same if you take it "blindly". Thanks to its unique composition, almonds able to:

improve vision; help with anemia; fight insomnia; relieve cramps; to treat stomach ulcers; helping to reduce the acidity of gastric juice. When the above-mentioned diseases is recommended to take 10-15 almond nuts three times a day. The course of the treatment - 1 month. If the baby stunting, give him crushed almonds. But before that, the doctor may ask whether to treat the child as possible. Also, almond is able to prevent a sudden heart attack. And yet - it is an excellent prevention of dementia. There are still some useful properties of almonds. Science knows that these nuts are anticonvulsants, painkillers, emollient and enveloping properties; has antioxidant properties; struggling with the impact of the radicals, that is, to prevent the risk of cancer. Among the medicinal properties should also remember that almonds are struggling with insomnia and has beneficial effects on the nervous system; useful to those who earn the mind, because due to the large amount of phosphorus is stimulated by the work of the brain; It helps to remove kidney stones; participates in enhancing sperm production in men. Who should be cautious lovers eat almonds, benefits and harms should be known to you. Before you eat a bag of almonds, look, if you have contraindications. There almond is not necessary when you are overexcited; suffer from increased heart rate; struggling with atopic dermatitis. In general, abandon the almonds, and the rest of the nuts should be: if you are allergic to them; young children (nuts can easily go into the airways); obesity. Also, we must remember that nuts are damaged should immediately throw away, they are poisonous. A unripe almonds may cause severe poisoning because it contains a lot of cyanide. If you follow these simple guidelines, you will not hurt yourself, and heal from a variety of ailments. Almonds - it really is a real pantry of nutrients, but you should be able to use them.